Seattle, Washington, USA
BandWorldNew Age

Palmer Music is Instrumental /Acoustic and combines several genres, primarily World, Jazz, Soundtrack New Age. It's instrumental, spacial sounds, are grounded in great melodies, world rhythms and ambient sound.



Composer and recording artist, Palmer has released Lifetimes featuring Millennium Suite available at and Northwest regional outlets and in Boston Canada. William Reedy, the highly accomplished nylon-string guitarist, collaborated with Palmer in the creation of Lifetimes; a project that took three years to evolve.

The evolution produced a body of work that is categorically New Age music, but it is fresh and new, beautifully written and beautifully produced. The melodies and moods fairly glisten from beginning to end. Phrase by phrase, not be note, Lifetimes is a spherical reflection illuminating conflict within the human psyche which struggles to find a state of peace. As a whole, the CD is a poignant reminder each lifetime is a miracle and a diving journey.

In its entirety the recording is built around a central them, Millennium Suite. The only interruption in the instrumental format is Awakening, a poem written by Janice Johnson Palmer. Reminiscent of Pink FloydĂ‚’s Delicate Sound of Thunder, the music is clearly an interpretive vehicle picking up where words leave off.

Recorded and produced at Acoustic Chamber, a state-of-art, 24 track recording facility in the Seattle area, Lifetimes has already won a regional award from Disc Makers. Staying in the Fire, the second cut from Lifetimes was voted in the top 10% of several hundred regional submissions.

Palmer is a native of the Pacific Northwest. He is a graduate of University of Puget Sound and received a Masters degree in music from Pacific Lutheran University. Growing up he played jazz trumpet and began playing piano close to the onset of his formal education. Classical training gave him a deeper appreciation for all musical form. He has been a teacher of music education for 25 years which has encompassed a broad spectrum of administrative duties and directorships. He has an extensive performance background playing engagements in the greater Puget Sound and Seattle metro area.

William Reedy, former student to Andres Segovia, Narcisso Yepes, Carlos Barbosa Lima, and David Tannebaum, has toured extensively throughout the United States, Europe and Polynesia. He has appeared as the opening act for abroad spectrum of internationally renowned artists including Kenny Loggins, jose Feliciano, and The Kingston Trio. He is the recording engineer as well as guitarist on Lifetimes.

Palmer is currently working on his second CD, Ventana de Vida, Windows of Life. This album will be released in early 2008 For more information about Palmer and his music, contact Roger Palmer at 206.669.5916 or visit LifetimesĂ‚’ web site at http//



Written By: Janice Palmer

A spoken poem/with ambient background, as the introduction to Lifetimes the Millennium Suite by Palmer

There comes a time when we realize
we all experience ressurection.
Resurrection of hope
Resurrection of dreams
Resurrection of love
We remember the many lifetimes spent
learning pure joy
learning unconditional love
learning the power of creation.
We remember
unlimited life
fearless flight
effortless transformation.
And sometimes,
we choose to bring back that knowledge:
Back to another physical lifetime.
Back to this world
Hoping that the
the sheer exhuberance of physical life,
doesn't obiliterate our remembrance
of the gifts we seek to share.
We would share
joy bubbling like cascading water,
love in all things
and all things in spirit.
We would translate this very existence
into the stuff of eternity -
into the golden light of the Universe.


"Ventana de Vida" is a single release to promote Palmer's new album "Ventana de Vida" the Window of Life. This can be bought at or listen to Sonic Bids web site. It's also available through the aritist "Palmer" by emailing him at

Set List

The set list would of course depend on the venue, however Palmer has performed with two bands to promote his music. Both bands have performed cover songs as well as classic rock and on promotional venues Palmer's music from Lifetimes and his current Window of Life albums. A standard set lasts 50 minutes.