Tight & Jammin' Acoustic Alternative Neo Folk w/ Bluesy, Funky Edge!! clean sound... jack johnson to john butler trio to the police to jars of clay to indigo girls ect...


The PalmerLane Duo ………… meet them
From the farthest reaches of north east Georgia, out of the foothill gateways to the southern Appalachian mountain range, moon-shines the musical spotlight on a fresh new sound………

flannel jammin-funkenschwaggle……..PalmerLane’s own brand name genre, painstakingly developed under the meticulous scrutiny of a perfectionist bass player, has been described as……“acoustic, grungee-funk, neo-folk, shortwave jamm……” a unique, magical blend of sonic colors, tonal flavors and textures accompanied by intelligent, thought provoking yet friendly lyrics. With songs like “every man a liar” and “two faced jesus” that scream curiosity trap, then suck you in to deliver…………..

To give you some idea of the atmosphere, PalmerLane could be heard and seen playing at shows or festivals with artists such as……………Bob Dylan, Dave Matthews, Jack Johnson, Indigo Girls, Ben Harper, Photoside Café, Ani DiFranco, John Butler Trio ... ect….

“In music we are all about the relationship and interaction with our fans and supporters. We are blessed with a strong and devoted following, without which we would be nothing in this business……”

Their live shows are intense and intimate reaching out and grabbing all the senses , taking them for an experience not to be forgotten ……….
“ with our focus being the connection we make with our audience………”

“These guys are fresh” says Tom Thumb, editor of Stolling Rone magazine “………a taste of something new that the music scene, both major and indie, has had very little of lately”

Their recordings are done to support their live shows and tours……… “we strive to accurately capture and re-produce our sound in live person, after all, we are a live band……..” The records are made to be a souvenir of the experience and driving reminder to be eagerly looking forward to, in great anticipation of, as though it were a monumental, universal, once ever event………the next PalmerLane cd and show………

See ya’ll there…………


Pocket Cross

Written By: jason palmer

pocket cross
i got a cross in my pocket, just so i can show ya,
and bible is with me wherever i go,
i go to church, i been saved, i believe the same way,
say hour long prayers at the end of the day,
i did my good deeds and counted my beads,
polished my chrome but it's rusty underneath,
i always go the extra mile, sometimes it's too far,
i got a cross in my pocket, but not in my heart.........
i got a cross in my pocket but not in my heart,
sometimes it's too heavy sometimes it's too sharp,
and if i take it out i wouldn't get very far,
i got a cross in my pocket but not in my heart..........
i got a fish sticker on the back bumper of my car,
got a ten commandment sign out in my front yard,
i'm vot'in republican to tax all the sinners,
mov'in from looser and join'in the winners,
and when it's all said and done and i come to that gate,
they'll welcome me with open arms, even if i'm late,
i'm glad i'm not like him, i shine like a star,
i got a cross in my pocket..........
well i'm a good man, love uncle sam, and i'll be damn if i don't,
go to church, pay my tithe, pray and fast.....
make every mass so many notches in my belt,
i'm a super christian.......
but then He'll ask me if i did it for those,
and i'll say what, them, the crackers and hoes,
well they got shelter and shoes........ food to eat,
they should be work'in for a liv'in stead of liv'in for free,
then He'll say .....look real close at the least of these,
you didn't do it for didn't do it for Me........

Do We Stand?

Written By: jason palmer

do we stand
they're stare'in at me like i'm sitt'in at the wrong table
i'm eat'in with the sinner and the spiritually disabled
they're glare'in at me cause i touched an unclean man
broke their sabbath by fix'in a crippled hand
my food is cursed cause i didn't wash first
say grace the right way or use the right words
and i'm hated by all just for telling the truth
but all i wanna know is how do i stand with you
how do we stand, how do we stand
a question for every woman and man
when the call go out across the land
all i wanna know is........
how do we stand
well the kingdom of heaven ain't a piece of real estate
that's up for sale to the most righteous saint
in line at the needle eye try'in to squeeze through
but harlots and tax collectors enter before you
pray out loud walk tall and proud
feared and respected by everyone in the crowd
refusing to enter and to make matters worse
you shut up the way, put yourself first
now we can see how we've been mistaken
no longer yours for the taken....
how do we stand.......
and when they hate you and dog you and give you a bad name
accuse you of all that they are to blame
father, mother, friends are ashamed
just remember they treated me the same
and when your fighting for truth just because it is true
always keep it in mind how i'm stand'in with you
how do we stand........

2 Face Jesus

Written By: jason palmer

2 face jesus
i want a jesus thats just like me,
but one who can't talk, and one who can't see,
i want a jesus that lies and steals,
does what i want, how i like to feel,
i want a jesus that just makes me feel good,
don't know why don't know that i should,
and i want a jesus that i ain't gotta really know,
then i won't know he ain't jesus, he's just part of the show,
so many jesus' so little time,
just close your eyes and roll the dice,
pick this one or that one or this ones just fine,
a jesus that perfectly fits my mind.......
but i don't want a jesus that'll care about you,
about all your problems, what your go'in through,
and i don't want a jesus that'll walk a mile in your shoes,
carry your burden, or sing with your blues,
every body wants a jesus that's custom fit,
no one wants the real jesus, cause he ain't down with it,
why can't we let Jesus just be Himself,
instead of making Him like every one else.........


We are in the studio as we speak...recording our new 6 song CD...which will be available soon! They will have streaming audio and radio airplay.

Set List

set list for spring tour '09
you dig
last chance
mud puddle
pocket cross
2 face jesus
how far
creator song
as a child performed solo
bred for looks
the man
mys teary
river of life performed solo
ps 51 performed solo
before the sun rose