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Tempe, Arizona, United States

Tempe, Arizona, United States
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"PALMS: A New Wave in the Valley"

For Spike Brendle, Melody Michelle, Anthony Maniscalco, and Derek Cooper, performing music is something they are extremely passionate about. Now known as PALMS, the bandmates are successfully stepping their music career into the right direction.

On Saturday they performed for The Underground Foundation at ASU in Tempe. Other bands also performed such as Illustrations, Doctor Bones, and Sundressed.

So why the name PALMS? “It’s relaxing, it’s an easy name. I mean look how beautiful they are. Who doesn’t like palm trees?,” guitarist Anthony Maniscalco said.

Even though PALMS became a promising name, the indie band did not officially form until June 18th, 2012. “Spike and I started in April. Derek came around until two weeks later, and Melody actually came around on June 18th.” Maniscalco said.

“Oasis” and “Sides” are examples of their sound and the lyrics in which they relate to their past experiences. For Maniscalco, the rhythm he contributes for PALMS takes him back to when he was a kid.”It’s the Mario Brothers. It’s like you go back to your childhood, you were safe and you had everything for you that was provided and it reminds me when I was a kid. I use to play Mario Brothers. That latin rhythm, that beachy sound is something I’ve always wanted to incorporate and it’s really fun to play,” he said. As for lead vocalist Melody Michelle, the lyrics she creates includes her journey through life. She said,”It’s about life experiences, love relationships but also family and friend relationships. Moving into a different state. Everything that you’ve experienced and learned over time.”

PALMS are planning to travel and take their music careers to the next level. “We want to leave and tour as much as possible,” bass player Spike Brendle said. Michelle also mentioned, “We definitely want to make it big. Our goal is to make Tempe huge.”

Their goal is already successfully in process. Brendle created an organization with Nicole Parasida called Echo Cloud Productions. The organization helps the valley music scene get promoted to bigger cities especially through social media featuring bands such as Yellow Minute and Snake!Snake!Snakes! “It’s all about collaboration. Everyone takes care of and promotes each other. It never use to be like this,” Brendle said. Drummer Derek Cooper also mentioned how Long Wongs at the Firehouse is where local bands in the valley usually start off at. “Long Wongs is a big event. It’s our home base.”

The Apache Lake Music Festival will be their next stop. The music festival will consist of three days from Oct. 11th-13th.

PALMS are moving on to new opportunities, but something that they are proud of is the fact that Tempe will always be home. - Artists Across the Valley

"Single Going Steady – January In Review"

PALMS- “Don’t Go”

Hell, I don’t know what to say about PALMS that I haven’t said already–I mean they didn’t exist a year ago, now they’ve got four amazing songs out and their live shows are just phenomenal events in which the entire band draws you in. Normally, with someone as beautiful as Melody fronting the band you would think your attention would not veer from that centerpiece, but in the case of PALMS (not unlike Zero Zero AKA hypnotizing lead woman, fascinating band) you find yourself watching Spike, Anthony and Derek just as much because they are so amazingly “together” that your eyes dart in disbelief between the chanteuse, the rhythm section and that fabulous guitar. This song is one of my favorites of this year so far and like everything else PALMS does, each show is better than the last, each song released steps it up a notch, I’m honestly not sure what I’ll do when they release a full length album, but I will admit that I’ll allow my soul to explode as that is what I fully expect from this band in their short existence so far. I feel my heart pounding for the anticipation of the next double sided single PALMS releases, for the next taste of what they have going next. This replaced, in recent performances, my live favorite of “Dirty Little Knees” and I didn’t know what it was called until the day before its release, when I heard it, I remembered fondly standing in the crowd thinking, “Holy fuck! This is even better than the last song of theirs I loved.” I can’t even imagine where they’ll be a year from now, but I hope they’re thinking about some side stages at Coachella, and by that, I mean playing them, not attending them. - Sounds Around Town

"12 Local Shows to See in February"

"...get there right at 8 or you’ll miss PALMS, who do an awe-inspiring cover of the Lykke Li song, “Get Some,” which makes perfect sense in the context of their sultry, bluesy beach-soul originals." - Arizona Republic

"What I Learned at Bandcamp: PALMS"

PALMS is a Tempe-based beach soul band that began making music together in April. The group currently has only two songs available for name-your-price download on Bandcamp but plans for a full-length album in the near future.

On Monday, Nov. 12, PALMS will play at The Rogue Bar with Jared & The Mill, Instructions and The Hill in Mind.

Can you give us a little background on who you are (location, age, how you got involved in making music)?
We are PALMS: Melody, 23 (vocals), Anthony, 27 (guitar), Derek, 27 (drums), and Spike, 26 (bass). Anthony and Spike went to high school together and have been in different bands since then. We met Derek one night at Long Wong‘s at a Sister Cities show (who Spike plays bass for as well) and started hanging out on the reg. A year later (April 2012), after Sister Cities had taken an indefinite hiatus, Anthony and Spike got together and worked on some songs that Anthony had stored in his magical book of music.

After it was decided they needed to take the next step and get a drummer, Derek was the first person that came to mind. Only a few practices in with Derek, we had about eight songs ready to go but no singer. We put some ads on Craigslist, asked around in local online music forums, and even went to open mics to try and recruit someone. We only knew one thing, we wanted a girl singer but apparently those are hard to come by these days. It was coming down to the wire, since for some reason Spike had already booked our first show WITHOUT having a lead singer. There was a girl that Spike had met through an aquaintance at his work, who was in another band back in February and as a shot in the dark, we sent her our songs and asked her if she was interested.

Unhesitatingly, she said yes and showed up for practice a few days later. After sheepishly telling us how shy she was, at the start of our first song she got right on the mic and started singing along. It was at that moment Anthony, Derek and Spike all looked at each other with the same thought in their heads that she’s the one! Three practices later, we were discussing the possibility of scheduling a show prior to our debut at the Oak Creek Music Festival in Sedona. Melody then said, “Well, Yucca has open mic tomorrow… we have three songs down… lets do it!” We ended up playing three shows before the Oak Creek Music Festival and haven’t looked back since.

How long have you been making music?
Seemingly, for more than half of our lives, whether it be cutting our teeth by reading tabs and learning songs by our favorite bands, jamming with friends in countless garages and bedrooms, or writing poetry and lyrics that document any and all of life’s happenings that affect us, for better or for worse. The feeling that we’ve all been making music for as long as we have, and that it still seems just as fresh and as exciting today as it did that very first time, says so much.

Who/what are your influences?
Life, fun, beaches, friends, family, and most of all… music (insert every artist from every genre here) But really, we have a wide perspective on our musical influences, there’s no way to just name one without naming them all.

How did you come up with your name?
It stems from our original idea to incorporate beachy sounds and feelings into our songs and palm trees are such a beautiful representation of that. A name though should be short, to the point and easy to remember so Spike suggested PALMS instead of Palm Trees. We want you to think of the beach, summer and fun when you hear our name.

Upcoming projects, where do you want to go from here?
Our plans are to eventually record a full-length album, make a music video, and tour extensively. This all takes time and money, but we have all the time in the world (it’s that money part that’s holding us back!) We will for sure be traveling to California by the end of the year, and also going through Austin for SXSW 2013.

What inspires your music?
Love, heartbreak, happiness, anger and every emotion that everyone feels at some point in their lives. Our overall inspiration is love, namely both the good and the bad that come from it.

Why do you make music?
We do it because it makes us happy. What makes us even happier though, is when we’re able to share what we create with everybody and they like it, can relate to it, can dance to it, etc. That’s icing on the cake and makes us want to make even more. It’s like giving a gift, and giving gifts is more fulfilling than receiving them.

Anything you’d like readers to know that we haven’t asked you about?
We have our own shot called the PALMS Pool Party. It’s three parts pineapple juice, three parts Malibu, one part Bacardi 151 – shake for a good time… then Blue Curacao floater on top! Also, don’t be afraid to buy us drinks! - The Spec Blog


Precisely April 22nd, 2011 I had a life altering experience. I was bestowed with witnessing one of the best dive bar bands I’d ever heard in my life, on the Long Wong’s stage in Tempe. I couldn’t believe that this band wasn’t famous and selling out sizable venues. After falling head over heels I wanted to know as much as I could about them. At that time, this band was only seven months old, they were unsigned, had no management or professional, or otherwise organized help of any kind. Not long after, it became my goal to try and get their music on as many peoples radar as possible. Considering they didn’t even have an EP at the time, I didn’t know how I would do it. A lot has changed since then. FLP has quickly become one of the most well known and loved bands in the valley. They’ve shared the stage with other local heavy hitters like Mergence and Black Carl in sell out shows at The Crescent Ballroom. The passion I had for this band (shared by my business partner, Spike Brendle of PALMS), and other amazing local acts we were uncovering on a daily basis, eventually lead to what would become Echo Cloud Productions. That band is Future Loves Past (FLP). They remain my most endeared local band, and perhaps my favorite band period. Friday was Christmas to this super fan when I learned that 80/20 Records, an independent record label based in Phoenix, AZ, would announce on Monday, December 3rd, that it had signed FLP, as well as other critically-acclaimed local acts Captain Squeegee and PALMS to its roster of artists. According to the label, “these signings, in addition to current label artist Dry River Yacht Club, will give 80/20 Records its best line-up in the label’s history, with each band planning on releasing new music within the next year.”

Congratulations to my partner Spike, all the bands, and kudos to 80/20 for sweeping some of the best, brightest, and talented bands in the valley. Shit just got real. I don’t know about you, but I’m really looking forward to what happens in the months that follow for these bands.
Future Loves Past

Future Loves Past is an indie rock band based in Tempe that has become a favorite amongst both local music fans and press, with Lindsay Palmer of the Phoenix New Times saying that their sound “borrows lovingly from all genres and blends them together in a straightforward way that’s easy to relate to and digest.” Mitchell Hillman, in a review of their 2011 self-released EP, raved “I’m not sure I’ve ever heard a band touch on so many influences, without denying the identity of the band or the groove which is their sound, and their sound is unmistakable.” The band have a slew of new projects in the works, starting with the release of their new 2-song single “Mercury/Saturn (The Serpent and the Owl)” on Dec. 8th at the Rogue Bar in Scottsdale, and a live performance of their sci-fi concept album, “Our Solar System,” on Dec 29th at the Sail Inn in Tempe. The band also plan on releasing an album of new music in early 2013, as well as a studio recording of the “Our Solar System” concept album later that year.
Captain Squeegee

Captain Squeegee is a Phoenix-area geek rock band whose sound was described by Craig Outhier in the Phoenix New Times as “a swirling maelstrom of flying horns, dancing guitars, broken melodies, and mad-prophet vocalizing.” Now celebrating nearly a decade as a band, and coming off of a celebrated collaboration with the ASU Concert Jazz Band last month at the Crescent Ballroom (“a campy conglomerate of artistic expression as only Captain Squeegee could do it” said New Times’ Anthony Sandoval), the band plan on heading into the studio in early 2013 to begin work on their first album in over four years.


PALMS is a self-described “beach soul” band based in Tempe that has begun to take the music community by storm, with Mitchell Hillman writing for Echo Cloud Productions that “with each performance I’ve seen, their power, presence and ability to completely devour my soul has grown exponentially.” Following the success of their “Oasis/Coyotes” release, the band are heading to SXSW as part of KWSS’ “All AZ TMI Radio Showcase” and are currently recording with Bob Hoag at Flying Blanket for a series of singles that will see release starting early next year.

About 80/20 Records

80/20 Records is an independent record label that is renowned for giving 80% of royalties to their artists. The label has released seven albums over the past three years, and its artists have opened for such acclaimed bands Yellowcard, Sum 41, Spitalfield, Bowerbirds, Fabulous, and Maroon 5. In addition to the new projects listed above, the label will also release a brand new album by Dry River Yacht Club in early 2013. For more information, please visit their brand new, re-designed website at - Echo Cloud

"80/20 Records Amps Up Their Roster"

It’s a pretty impressive feat when a local indie label can more than double their roster in one day. It’s even more impressive when the acts they garner are an impressive lot with mindblowing potential and a track record of success without a label. Yesterday it was announced that 80/20 Records have now signed three new bands to their label and it’s an impressive lineup to say the least: Future Loves Past, PALMS and Captain Squeegee are all now labelmates alongside the inimitable Dry River Yacht Club and 42 Eternal. With this one swift move, it would be easy to foresee other artists quickly flocking to this little indie label that is founded on keeping the artists interests in mind. The very name for 80/20 Records is drawn from the fact that the artists that join their label get 80 percent of the royalties and profits, while the label only keeps 20 percent. A brilliant concept and an edeavor that is worthy of support, now this “little label that can” has some serious steam behind it.

PALMS, the relative newcomer of the bunch is an amazing decision as well–here we have all three stages of our little music scene, from seasoned veterans to tried and true champions to the new children spun from bands that have all but faded away. PALMS has also just spent some quality time with none other than Bob Hoag, the genius producer behind Flying Blanket (What Laura Says, Black Carl, Mergence, The Format, and far too many more to list). Needless to say I as excited to see that PALMS spent a greater portion of their weekend at Flying Blanket, but on top of that to see that they’ve got a label deal with 80/20 puts me that much closer to holding their new album in my hands. While they have only been around a comparitively short while PALMS has brought me nearly incalculable joy, whether it’s been through their live performances or by simply listening to their online double A-Side single of “Oasis”/”Coyotes” over and over again.

Long story short, this announcement should be exciting news for everyone–for the bands, the fans, the label and all of us who watch or referee on the sidelines. 80/20 Records has just signed up three of the most exciting bands in town and I really can’t imagine they won’t be signing up more. I have a ton of suggestions of who to grab, but honestly, from this first draft expansion selection I’m pretty sure they don’t need my advice. 80/20 Records clearly knows what they are doing and though it may be early to tell, it appears they are doing it well. - Sounds Around Town

"80/20 Records Signs Future Loves Past, Captain Squeegee, Palms"

Local record company 80/20 Records recently announced the signing of three local bands: Future Loves Past, Captain Squeegee and PALMS.

The Phoenix-based label’s primary mission is to offer artists the tools necessary to launch their careers, which includes giving them 80 percent of royalties.

Tempe‘s Future Loves Past formed in September 2010. Despite the recent news that guitarist Mike Anderson has stepped down, the folk-pop group has several new projects in the works. FLP will release a two-song single “Mercury/Saturn (The Serpent and the Owl)” on Dec. 8 at The Rogue Bar, and perform its sci-fi concept album Our Solar System live at The Sail Inn on Dec. 29. Last year, The Spec interviewed member Tristan DeDe about band influences, inspiration and more. Read the Q & A here.

Captain Squeegee has been around since 2003 and though the lineup has changed over the years, the name is still associated with “fusing jazz, indie, & rock in ways you’ve never heard before.” The septet has plans to head into the studio early next year to begin working on an album to follow up the 2008 release of Nothing vs Everything.

PALMS is a four-piece “beach soul” band from Tempe. The group has only been playing together since April but has developed a strong fanbase since its “Oasis/Coyotes” release. PALMS will be at SXSW 2013 as part of KWSS’ “All AZ TMI Radio Showcase” and is currently recording new music with Bob Hoag at Flying Blanket. Read The Spec‘s recent What I Learned at Bandcamp interview with the band here. - The Spec Blog

"80/20 Records Snags Future Loves Past, PALMS, and Captain Squeegee"

The DIY method might be the record-releasing choice of local bands around the country -- after all, the Internet opens all kinds of possibilities for self promotion, recording, and pressing -- but increasingly, Phoenix artists seem to be signing to small labels. And it seems the Valley's Mike Zimmerlich is snagging a few of the most acclaimed up for himself.

Zimmerlich and his label 80/20 Records announced yesterday that they signed the Valley's PALMS, Captain Squeegee and Future Loves Past, all of which will be heading to the studio to record in the next year.

This is the "biggest expansion in the label's history," considering the 80/20 roster previously only held the name of two other bands, Dry River Yacht Club and 42 Eternal, the now defunct indie rockers who have 80/20 represent their recorded catalog. Still, 80/20 is slowly snagging up the artists they believe can best represent the Phoenix music scene on a national level.

"We chose these particular bands because they all brought something to the table. Musically each band has a unique sound that is unmistakably their own, and they all have the full enthusiasm and support of those in the music community, both fans and in the press," says Jason Shoff, head of A&R at 80/20. "We feel that, with the right push behind them, there's no reason why none of these bands can become successful outside of the Phoenix area. And that goes for [Dry River Yacht Club] as well."

Of course, artists have another incentive by signing with 80/20. As its name suggests, the label gives 80 percent of profits directly to the artist. The figure is in contrast to the standard indie label, which have been known to take between 40 and 50 percent of artist recording and touring profits.

"I feel that the artists are putting so much of themselves into their music and working so hard to create these works that they deserve the majority it reaps. The reason why we can sustain giving 80 percent royalties to our artists is being efficient within the label," Zimmerlich told Up On the Sun last December. "When you are able to record a quality album using equipment for a few thousand dollars and release it to the world with numerous channels at your fingertips you don't need to spend as much as you had in the past. From the very beginning we decided not to release CDs initially and offer our albums as download only. If the album sells, well then we can determine if physical mediums are necessary. We don't have to risk fronting money for an album that may or may not sell." - Phoenix New Times

"TMI’s Top Twenty for 2012 (PALMS' "Oasis" at #9!)"

This morning on KWSS 106.7 The Morning Infidelity played their top twenty for 2012 based on spins, requests and feedback throughout the year. SoundsAroundTown loved the list so much that we thought we would share what our favorite morning radio show picked as the best and brightest sounds of 2012. You can click on the band names below to lead you to each ones Facebook profile, then you can like them, love them, do what you want with them. Thanks so much to KWSS 106.7 and the crew at TMI for rocking local–2012 would not have been the same without your amazing and continuous support of the local music scene. And as always, though it’s been said, many times, many ways, by many people: Fuck Beef Vegan!

#9PALMS - Oasis - KWSS 106.7 FM

"Echo Cloud Song of the Week - Oasis"

“PALMS is becoming downright otherworldly and goddamn Melody can wail these days!” That was the only thing I wrote about PALMS stunning performance at the Crescent Ballroom last night, one sentence was all I needed and all I could afford really, because I couldn’t take my eyes or ears off the band for more than a few seconds. I have been keeping my finger on the pulse of this band from the start and they have now joined the ranks of the bands I consider “deal makers.” Meaning, if informed that PALMS is playing, my response is almost certainly going to be, “Oh, well, hell, we have to go there then.” With each performance I’ve seen (though admittedly, I think I missed the first two, maybe three?) their power, presence and ability to completely devour my soul has grown exponentially. This “deal maker” phenomena is also true of the band that invited them to the bill, Zero Zero, who played their fourth performance (I’m 3 for 4 on their gigs) last night, and though the Nicole’s right keyboard went out, it was a seriously scorching set that left no one untouched, but I digress. Simply put, PALMS have put themselves on my audio ecstatic map and after they melted my being at Apache Lake, I just can’t over them.
Though, I only mentioned Melody in my one sentence report, I want to make it clear that this is an entire band effort and every member is astounding. Seriously, this is super fine music from some super fine people, whether it’s Spike playing some of the most vibrant bass work I’ve heard, to Derek pounding the toms like a maniac to Anthony playing some of the sweetest solos I’ve heard in ages, which means a lot, since I don’t care for solos—the band slays, pure and easy. I can count nine occasions on which they gave me chills in last night’s performance alone—all for different reasons, some were Anthony’s guitar, Derek’s drums, Spike’s bass, Melody’s soul reducing voice and some were the pure integration of these four elements integrated into a wall of pure audio bliss. Those were the best chills, where the entire band wrapped the room in its warmth and took them inside for a ride. I suppose, though, why Melody stands out is because over the months of watching PALMS growing on stage, she’s gone from, “Where in the hell did they find this amazing vocalist?” to “How in the hell did we ever get along without her?” In addition, her stage presence has exploded in that time as she is now truly adept at controlling the entire crowd and absolutely leveling them with a voice that resonates within their very bones.
“Oasis” was the first song I heard from this sweet sigh inducing quartet in recorded form, lately I’ve been hearing it quite a bit on KWSS 106.7 and it always brings a smile when I’m driving down the road with the top down on my Jeep. The only thing that could be finer, would be finding myself listening to this driving down the Pacific Coast Highway—though, I think their beach pop aesthetic is completely subliminal and evoked by their name and imagery, they do somehow become indistinguishable from fantasies of sun and surf, even in their darkest tunes…it’s a nifty magic trick. Between the dreamy wash of reverb guitars echoing instant atmosphere, to the implausible rhythm section pounding out an impossible groove to the sultry depth of the beckoning vocals, every moment is simply sensational. The song is hypnotic, transcendent and the tale of two lovers who don’t want to give up an each as they are halted at different stations in life, taking turns at leading and being led—a fairly romantic tale of tides turning, roles reversing and love (one hopes) prevailing. It is amazing, magical and magnetic. When the music abates and Melody commands “Let’s find an oasis, just me and you” a moment is found in precision of defining the moment when you want to drop away from all of the constraints of the outside world and simply hide away with your love, seeking the protective warmth of isolation and the desire to simply share this world with your only one, where you can each be the best you can be to each other. The lyrics may seem simplistic, but the meaning is both profound and beautiful, a sentiment delivered with dreams and strength.
The double sided single for “Oasis” is back by the equally formative “Coyotes” and in their live show, both songs have become monstrous epics of sound that overshadow the recordings, not to mention the many, many other songs that will blow you away in their live set and may, when these things get committed to record, blow away the initial single. This is no joke, PALMS have taken me by storm and I can only hope to share a little bit of this heavy weather with everyone I meet. - Echo Cloud

"PALMS Hit the Ground Running"

The three of them knew they wanted a female singer, there was no question about that. The inquiry at hand, though, was who? It seems as though the Music Gods had heard their plea, and they answered with a Melody.

Anthony and Melody are the first to arrive at Casey Moore’s on a quiet Thursday night. The air was timid, cool enough for light winter attire. Melody sported a green-knit scarf and a pair of crutches, Anthony a green-striped shirt. The two of them ordered dinner and another round of Redbull vodka and waited for the other two members of PALMS to arrive. Derek showed up with a smile on his face, donning a black short-sleeved shirt with a white graphic print of a drum set, a piece of apparel highly appropriate for the drummer of a band. Spike eventually appeared, his thick-framed black glasses and septum piercing separated him from the crowd that had began to congregate around the outside area of the bar. The four of them sat around the square table, surrounded by packs of cigarettes, drinks, plates of food and their eagerness to tell their story.

“We were at The Rogue Bar,” recalls Anthony, “I think we were watching Dead Wildlife, and Spike said, ‘Dude let’s start a band!’ And I was like, ‘Fuck you man, no, I’ve been asking you for like months at a time and now you want to do it?’ I was being skeptical, I wasn’t being cynical, I was being skeptical.”

With all skepticism aside, Anthony and Spike began to jam together. After a couple of weeks, they reigned in the force that is encompassed in Derek Cooper, and asked him to play drums. The trio still faced one problem, though, and as Oak Creek Music Festival approached, they sunk into a deeper hole. The mini-festival was scheduled to be PALMS’ first show, but they were missing one, immensely crucial thing—a singer.

The only vision the band had for their singer was that they wanted a female, and one woman stuck out in their minds. Spike had seen a band called Vie La ‘Cest and his ears fell in musical love with the lead singer, Melody Michelle’s, voice. Amongst being occupied with Vie La ‘Cest, Melody also owned a modeling company. Her schedule was hectic and her being part of PALMS seemed like a dream that would never be lived out. Spike decided to reach out to the soul singer despite any hesitation, and soon found out that their dream might just become a reality.

“Rumor had it that Melody had quit the whole modeling biz, that her old band had fizzled, and just hours before Spike had even contacted her, she wrote on Facebook, ‘I wish I could be making music again.’ And Spike didn’t know that at all before he messaged her, it was just a byproduct of it all,” reminisces Anthony.

The waitress comes up to the table to check on each person, drinks are half way gone and only crumbs from Melody’s mozzarella sticks and Spike’s hamburger are visible on plates. Each member is contributing to conversation, some even talking over another. Each member of the band supplies their perspective, their words are puzzle pieces coming together into one cohesive story.

Melody agreed to play with the trio, they sent her a few demos so she had an idea of what she would be getting herself into.

“It was funny. I’d been so used to singing southern rock and blues that as soon as I heard their music I was like, no way. There is no way. I could write to this all day long, but I don’t know if my voice could produce a sound that they would want or need in their band,” Melody reveals.

It was June when Melody met the band for the first time. Although she had previously been introduced to Spike, it was only once and for a brief time at one of her performances with Vie La ‘Cest. She arrived at Spike’s house in Tempe, with weariness of what the result of the night would be. Despite any uncertainty, though, she had every intention of making this situation work since she had not heard back from any other musicians. Her itch to perform was increasingly becoming an even bigger irritation that needed to be scratched.

“We were at a place where it was getting scary and we needed somebody and we didn’t want just anyone that would play with us. The first night we played with Melody, she was the only person who actually got on the mic and jammed with us. The second she got on though, we were like oh, OK this is fine. We had a vague idea of what we were looking for in a singer, but Melody was so different from what we expected. As soon as we heard her powerful, deep voice with Anthony’s beach-y guitar tone, it was like fuck, alright, awesome,” Derek recalls.

The trio had found exactly what they were looking for. They spent the entire rest of the night sharing the words “we” and “shows” in the same sentence. From that point, there was no doubt that Melody was a part of the band.

“After that, we played three shows before Oak Creek Music Festival. We played Open Mic Night at Yucca, Long Wong’s with Ana from Sister Cities, the PALMS Pool Party which was the first time we - Sounds Around Town

"PALMS “Dirty Little Knees” Free Download Only On Christmas Day!"

One of my favorite new groups of 2012 that have “hit the ground the running” and emerged as a band I try to catch every time they play is PALMS. There are other groups that debuted this year that I knew couldn’t disappoint, like supergroup Zero Zero (who play with PALMS quite often!), but PALMS was an unexpected surprise at how great they were from the onset and how quickly they garnered my favor. Today, as a special Christmas present for all their fans, PALMS has released their new single “Dirty Little Knees” and today only, you can download it for free from their bandcamp site. The first time I heard them play this track live was at Crescent Ballroom some months ago, it was enough of a mind blower that I had to ask the band about it afterward. It was clearly one of the best songs in the set and thought that night was magical in and of itself, that song just stood out, perhaps because it was brand new, but more likely because it was just bloody brilliant. Additionally, this band just has an amazing chemistry, whether it is the brilliant rhythmic groove woven between Spike Brendle’s basswork and Derek Cooper’s drumming or the indie surf guitar work of Anthony Maniscalco or, of course the transplendent vocals of the otherworldy Melody Michelle, who I am convinced more and more is not from this planet–though that was my first impression anyway, when I watched them entranced at Long Wong’s the first night I saw them play live.

“Dirty Little Knees” shows off how far PALMS have come since their double sided single release of “Oasis”/”Coyotes” earlier this year–the playing is tighter, stronger, their sound a little more naturally forceful. There is a roar to the entire affair that causes a hurricane in your head, while Melody’s vocals hold you to the center of the storm as the maelstrom envelopes you. It’s clear to see, now hearing the recording, why this song was so powerful that evening at Crescent–it exceeds their beach pop template and lands them squarely into pure indie rock territory. It’s a little darker, a little starker and shows more depth than their previous releases, though like those songs, their signature sound is firmly embedded and the reverberating echoed atmosphere only serves to take you along for the ride in much the same way their live performances do. This is an amazing feat as their live act has far outshadowed their recordings…until now. Everyone in the band is giving their all here and it is too great effect, Melody’s vocals become an instrument unto themself, perfectly balanced with the cyclonic pounding wrapping all around them. Lyrically, it covers the reflections in the aftermath of a fiery, apocalyptic relationship, reducing each partner to “dirty little knees” –brilliant told in raw honesty, from the point of view of strength overcoming weakness. The perspective has a touch of bitterness, honed with brutal frankness, “Don’t tell me that you loved me, Don’t tell me that you cared, It was the real me that you couldn’t bear, We were never nothing, Just a little something, You didn’t mean much, You took up my time, Come on baby, You wanted some of me, Too bad we clashed and never really combined.” Absolutely brilliant.

“Dirty Little Knees” also happens to be the first single release since PALMS have signed with 80/20 Records and this is sure to be the start of what I certainly hope will lead to a magnificent album release in 2013, as they have been spending a fair share of time in the studio with Bob Hoag. PALMS are definitely one of THE bands to watch in the New Year, as their live shows only get better with each gig and clearly their recorded output will expand mightily. This is one of the bands on my radar, from whom, I eagerly anticipate witnessing each and every move they make. They are definitely a current highlight in the sounds around town that I’ve found alluring at ever turn. - Sounds Around Town

"TMI Radio SxSW Showcase at Crescent Ballroom, 1/9/13"

South by Southwest, the sort of Mecca of indie music, is kind of a big deal. A good show there can make or break a band, even if the event itself is a tad self-indulgent. I once hitchhiked there, so it pleases me to see Phoenix music get some good representation. That's what TMI Radio 106.7 FM is aiming for, and their showcase last night at Crescent Ballroom helped raise money to bring the following local bands to Austin: Palms, The Wiley One, Jared and the Mill, Sara Robinson and the Midnight Special and decker.


When I walked in, they were just starting a cover of Lykke Li's "Get Some." They took the song by the reins, especially when the bassist began banging on an extra drum kit. The band's own tunes reminded me of Roy Orbison meets Best Coast, especially those surf guitar elements. Or maybe that's just projecting frontwoman Melody Michelle's tall, dark shades and classic microphone. She told the crowd she was really sick, but sang anyway and it went flawless (from my end, anyway.)

At the end of Palms' set, the band was thrashing about on the floor - do that for every song and not just the end, and you'll likely grab everyone's attention at SxSW. Just my two cents. - Phoenix New Times

"13 Bands You Need to Hear in 2013: PALMS"

If you haven't been to one of their live shows, you'd think PALMS was a bit of a secret.

With only two songs available on its Bandcamp page, Tempe's mellow indie surf rock band -- which finds its home back from any natural body of water -- has remained mostly quiet online, with the exception of their ever-rambunctious Facebook posts. PALMS is just another reason why local music fans actually need to get out of their house to enjoy local music, well, locally.

The band might have stayed quiet during its 2012 formulation, but 2013 is about to get PALMS'ed all over. Their recorded catalog might be small at the moment, but the band is currently in the studio to record their upcoming album on the Valley-based 80/20 record label.

(Want a preview of the album? Head to the band's Facebook page and search for the YouTube video. Just kidding! It's a link to Eddie Murphy's "Party All the Time." Oh, PALMS!)

The band paired with producer Bob Hoag of Flying Blanket Records, a rite of passage for any up and coming Phoenix indie band that wants a killer professional-sounding record on-the-local. An actual preview of the record remains to be heard, but that's all the more reason to pay attention to the PALMS in the New Year. - Phoenix New Times


Still working on that hot first release.



When one thinks of Arizona, images of swaying palm trees, sandy beaches and the ocean breeze usually don't come to mind. Yet with a mix of twangy reverb-drenched guitar, pounding drums, pulsating bass and raw, powerful vocals, Tempe, AZ's Love, PALMS is a group that easily conjures up such images. Playing a unique blend of retro, surf and indie rock that they describe as "beach soul," Love, PALMS is a band that, in just a few short months since their formation in April 2012, have taken the Valley of the Sun by storm, with JAVA Music Editor Mitchell Hillman proclaiming that “with each performance I’ve seen, their power, presence and ability to completely devour my soul has grown exponentially.”

As a part of Tempe's blossoming local music scene, Love, PALMS have quickly made waves, having played the 2012 Apache Lake Musical Festival, Gumptionfest 2012 and the 2012 Oak Creek Music Festival, as well as being featured in such online publications as the Phoenix New Times, Sounds Around Town, The Spec, Echo Cloud and Valley Music Artists and on such local radio stations as KWSS AND KUKQ. This January, the band released their latest single "Dirty Little Knees/Don't Go," which was produced by the inimitable Bob Hoag of Flying Blanket Recording (The Ataris, The Format, Dear and the Headlights). The band also recently embarked out on a spring tour of the southwest that culminated with three showcase performances at South by Southwest in Austin, TX.

One of "13 Bands You Need to Hear in 2013" by the Phoenix New Times!

"Oasis" - #9 on TMI's "Top 20 of 2012" List!

"Love, PALMS is just another reason why local music fans actually need to get out of their house to enjoy local music, well, locally." - Christina Caldwell, Phoenix New Times

"Like each show, each release impresses a further magnitude of which they are capable of delivering." - JAVA, February 2013

"They have now joined the ranks of the bands I consider 'deal makers.' Meaning, if informed that Love, PALMS is playing, my response is almost certainly going to be, 'Oh, well, hell, we have to go there then.'" - Echo Cloud Productions

“(On 'Dirty Little Knees'), their signature sound is firmly embedded and the reverberating echoed atmosphere only serves to take you along for the ride in much the same way their live performances do.” - Mitchell Hillman, Sounds Around Town