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Santa Cruz, California, United States | SELF

Santa Cruz, California, United States | SELF
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"Bandcamp Trolling: Santa Cruz edition"

As a departure from normal coverage, and a follow-up to the inaugural post on Bandcamp artists with hash tag homes in the #YayArea, three Santa Cruz artists this week for immediate playback:

Palmz // Teenage Heartthrob
Doo wop for the modern shoegazer - Positive Destruction

"Palmz - New Music "Introducing""

So this past week I fell in love again, the latest source of my undying affection is Palmz, a band born and bred in California and led by Lexie Corfiatis, their nostalgic, dream pop music is one of the best things to drop in my mailbox since God knows...

If you're ready to be seduced, recall memories of simpler times when life's biggest dilemmas were what to wear and whether the girl you like liked you back then I suggest starting with "Teenage Heartthrob", a hazy, languid guitar and drum beat melody create a yesteryear pop ambiance while Lexie's sugar-sweet, laid-back vocal delivery melts your heart.

"Nothing in the Universe is Lost" similarly is effortlessly charming, breezy sun-tinged hooks, cool and simple, a blissful pure pop track, my favourite though is perhaps "I Will Never, Ever, EVER, Feel Again", a wistful, heartfelt ballad with these gorgeous guitar solos and Lexie's dreamy vocal delivery. Definitely call it love.

So, if you fancy a bit of retro, distinctly American pop music, listen below. Tracks can be purchased from bandcamp now. - Just Music That I Like


Palmz is the songwriting project of Lexie Corfiatis from Santa Cruz, CA and creates lo-fi garage/surf music. Other than the extremely well-done album “X-Ray of Fun”, I’m also enjoying the tracks Nothing in the Universe is Lost as well as The Dreams We Have We Make Ourselves:

I would also like to state that Teenage Heartthrob off of “X-Ray of Fun” is an absolute killer – it’s doo-wop done well. I feel like part of doing doo-wop in our times it is essential to still capture the early 60s aesthetic but keeping it real enough for the 2010's. - Salad Fork

"Palmz - Nothing in the Universe is Lost"

Palmz - Nothing in the Universe is Lost

I’m such a sucker for lo-fi pop. Lexie Corfiatis is “currently enjoying life in Santa Cruz, CA and influenced by beach mansions, puppy dogs, kitty katz, going to bed at sundown, waking up at sunrise, and $1 movies.” It shows.

She’s got a bunch of singles up on Bndcmp now - and hoping to put our a 7” in the near future. - yvynyl

"Show Reviews: Sorry For Your Luck, Palmz, Slumpter – July 23 – Cabin Tavern"

The second band of the evening was Palmz. Led by the cute Lexie Corfiatis on guitar the band started their set with the song “Nothing in the Universe is Lost.” While listening to their simple guitar and hard hitting drums I was immediately reverted back to the 1950's, especially when they played what Lexie called their 1950's dance number “Big Overload.” Although the vocals were hard to hear, Palmz seemed to have no problem accomplishing a polished and quality sound through their charming six song set. - What's Up! Magazine


Jarin sent me a link to a new band called Palmz the other day and I fell completely in love. The songs on their bandcamp swing from beautiful early sixties pop (Teenage Heartthrob reminds me of that song James the creep sings with Maddy and Donna in Twin Peaks) to Eric’s Trip-py opium jams. The Twin Peaks reference isn’t a bad one either; all five songs have an eerie otherwordly feel. I’m gonna write more about this soon when I digest it properly… Anyway’s I wrote them and Palmz will be doing a 7” on Suffering Jukebox. Totally thrilled. - Suffering Jukebox Records

"Sound of the Underground"

Lexie Corfiatis says she’s baffled by the lack of appreciation for underground music in Santa Cruz. “Everyone plays music here,” says the lead singer-songwriter/guitarist for happy hardcore band, Palmz. “There’s a circle of support, but the general public doesn’t seem that interested. There’s something that’s not pulling it all together.”

Though she believes several venues in town bring in good artists, she says few support underground bands. “Actual places to play that people can count on consistently, is totally rare here,” says Corfiatis. “We could have a lot of good shows, being so close to San Francisco, but the noise ordinance is a big issue—you can’t really have a house show because of neighbors and the police.”

While Corfiatis is thankful that her neighbors allow Palmz to practice at her house during daylight hours, she knows several other musicians in town who aren’t so lucky. - Good Times

"Palmz on the Rising Tide Tonight!"

Palmz are a group whose sound is chiefly indebted to 50s and 60s girl group and beach pop music. Thematically, lead singer Lexie Corfiatis' lyrics about love and loss strike a similar chord to groups like Puro Instinct, The Sandwiches, and Best Coast. However, don't count Palmz among some of the many bands jumping onto the "back to the beach" sort of movement in modern indie rock, for this group flies it's freak flag proudly, penning songs about aliens and paying tribute to one of rock n' roll's greatest institutions, The Velvet Underground, with their cover of I'll Be Your Mirror. - The Rising Tide on KZSC

"Palmz: "I Will Never, Ever, EVER, Feel Again""

Palmz, a band that’s mainly the brainchild of Santa Cruz, California resident Lexie Corfiatis who gets supported by friends and family for her little sonic endeavor, is some seriously admirable hybrid of everything guitar-related we’ve come to love so relentlessly. In particular “I Will Never, Ever, EVER, Feel Again” simply is a gorgeous blend of mildly surf-y, shoegaze-induced dream-pop, perfectly showcasing Corfiatis’ charming voice. She appears to have been around for quite a while already, and we feel it’s about time to shed some more light on her beautiful nostalgia. - No Fear of Pop

"Palmz - The Dreams We Have We Make Ourselves"

It should come of no surprise to learn that Jack from Mazes is said to be a fan of Palmz - saccharine sweet vocals laying atop a scuzzy, slacker rock mash that seems to loop on forever. The Dreams We Have We Make Ourselves is their most recent effort, produced during the gluttonous summer where it feels like the days, much like this song, will never end. Maybe listening to it drenched on a crowded bus whilst a man with a cold coughs on your neck might feel a bit too much like taking the piss, but it'd certainly be a welcome reminder that the world isn't forever going to be bleak and grey. - lost lost lost


'X-Ray of Fun' - self-released EP, 2009

'Nothing in the Universe is Lost' - self-released single, 2010

'I Only Want Good Things For You' - self-released single, 2011

'The Dreams We Have We Make Ourselves' - self-released single, 2011

'There Is Nothing Wrong With You' - cassette, Bah! Records, 2011



'Palmz' is the songwriting project of Lexie Corfiatis, California born and bred. The songs are a perfect combination of lo-fi surf rock, dreamy doo-wop, sugarcoated shoegaze, 90's guitar pop, and most of all: loving and losing, yet knowing it will all be OK. Think nostalgia.

'Palmz' is currently enjoying life in Santa Cruz, CA and influenced by beach mansions, puppy dogs, kitty katz, going to bed at sundown, waking up at sunrise, and $1 movies. They have recently played shows with Blackbird Blackbird, AB & the Sea, The Fling and Seapony. Palmz loves you.