Palodine's music evokes mystery, especially that found squirreled away in the lonely, dark places of America. The songs twist on a country/folk axis, but fresh tendrils in blacker, meaner shades wave in the breeze. Katrina Whitney sings like shes trying to hold back the bad news. - High Bias


Children of Coal Miners and Mormon Immigrants don’t usually make for good rock music candidates,
but in the case of Palodine they bring with them an underlying power and intensity which tests the boundaries of dark American music. Before meeting each other, guitarist Michael Aryn and singer Katrina Whitney had virtually parallel music experiences. Both had dabbled in shoegazer,
gothic, experimental, folk and country projects. When they began playing together, their musical kinship became readily apparent and their influences quickly formed into their own unique sound. Within a few months of forming, they self-produced and mixed their debut record (“Desolate Son” 2006) on an unheated floating barge during one of the coldest weeks in the Seattle’s history.

2007 saw Palodine performing live as a four or five piece and opening for such acclaimed artists as Woven Hand (Featuring David Eugene Edwards of Sixteen Horsepower), Willard Grant Conspiracy
and Low, as well as a return to the studio to work on their follow-up record. Recorded by Michael Aryn with Desmond Shea (Diamanda Galas, Tarnation, Einstürzende Neubauten) at the mixing board, “Garden Of Deceit” deliveres a darker and grittier interpretation of their sound, more bombastic percussion, and heightened urgency from Michael’s guitar playing. This Sophmore effort also sees Katrina delivering a deeper and more resonant vocal style, while continuing to explore the Biblical imagery and religious symbolism that were alluded to in their prior effort.

Garden of Deciet gives us ten songs about lies, hypocrisy, scars, jealousy, deceit, restoration, and endurance. Here we witness a band evolving and working out their personal demons. While it may be a more direct and raw delivery both musically and thematically than their debut, there are also moments of introspection and vulnerability, ultimately resolving with a sense of illumination.
Currently, Palodine plays out live with the support of Christopher Hydinger on percussion and Christopher Howe on bass guitar.


Fire In The Field

Written By: Katrina Whitney

The fire in the field
Or the river at my heels
Theres no hiding

The shaking of the ground
Or the wind twistin’ down
Theres no hiding

If I could take the time to tell you
The regret and reward
If I could see my hand in front of me
I’d know for sure

The ash from the sky
Blackouts that blind our eyes
Theres no hiding

That deceptive wave
It can take you to your grave
Theres no hiding

I’ll meet you half-way between the twilight
And the veil
If I could get a look at the future
I’d know its real

Sugar Water Orphan

Written By: Katrina Whitney

Sugar water orphan
How did we let it come to this?
Holding out a perfect pearl
But nobody sees the gift
If you were mine I think I’d
beg, steal and I’d lie
Sugar water orphan
Some still go before their time

There’s static on my radio
And my televisions dead
Hearing voices from the road
The beginning of the end
Come on down, there’s holy ground
Someone will lend a hand
Stand within the walls of stone
From the lesser law of man

Sugar water orphan
How did we let it go this far?
Playing music all night long
But no one will hear the song
If you were mine
I think I’d lay down my own life
Sugar water orphan
Some still go before their time


"Desolate Son" LP - 2006 (Tarnished Records)
Airplay tracks: "Fire In The Field"

"Garden of Deceit" LP - 2008 (Tarnished Records)

Set List

Typical set is 40-55 minutes with six or seven songs being performed. However, we can play up to 1 1/2 hours. Mostly original material, but we have been known to throw in a cover from time to time (Elvis Costello, Fleetwood Mac, etc.)