Los Angeles, California, USA

My self-titled album consists of variety of sounds from Dance,Pop, R&B, and Latin. “My style of music is just fun and upbeat music that anyone can dance to.



Paloma Rodriguez, “p.k.a” Paloma born and raised in Los Angeles, California is of Mexican and Cuban descent and is proud of her heritage. Her talent stems from her family background. Her dad was a composer and an artist and her mother a singer and actress. Dancing professionally since the age of 10, she has toured the globe with LA Salsa Kids as well as done musical shows at festivals nationwide.

During this path she began singing and writing, an untapped arena that was discovered within her soul and has since become her passion to this day. “My parents always told me I had a talent for the arts and that I should pursue a career in this field”.
During one of her performances, former recording artist Latin Prince/Lorenzo, the first Latin artist to be signed by Michael Douglas’ record label Third Stone Atlantic and who had been planning a come back to the music business, attended Paloma’s performance and decided to take a meeting with her. Lorenzo has known her since her childhood performances as a LA Salsa Kid but this little girl had grown up and was ready to go to the next level. Lorenzo then introduced Paloma to his writing and producing partners Jay & Sweet from Sway’d Cap Productions who wrote the single "Love Don't Cost A Thing" J-Lo and a few songs in the movie Save the Last Dance that featured Julia Styles and Sean Patrick Thomas as the lead characters.

Her new self-titled album due out in 2010 under TMG/LRT/ Universal Music Group consists of variety of sounds from Dance, Pop, R&B, and Latin. “My style of music is just fun and upbeat music that anyone can dance to.” She expresses herself with style and finesse. The first single off this album “Fired Up”, to be released this fall/winter ’09 was originally written for another artist by Sweet and Paloma, but Paloma liked it so much that they decided to keep it on her album and now has become the first single to be released off the self-titled album. This sexy, sultry hit produced by Sway’d Cap Productions is sure to get you on to the dance floor.

Not only is Paloma an ecstatic performer but she also enjoys playing the piano and coming up with melodies. She co-wrote many of the other songs on the album as well. Paloma is a well-rounded and unique artist. From her personality, professionalism, charisma, and sense of style, to her creativity, drive and work ethics, she embraces her craft, as a true outstanding artist should. Her main motivation to do music is that she loves performing. “Being on stage is the best feeling for me…. making people happy by watching a great show makes it worthwhile.”

Last year Paloma made her professional film debut playing the Lead Supporting Role as Tatiana, in Villa Media Productions’ independent film, Alondra Smiles winner of the prestigious International Family Film Festival Directors Gold Award in 2007. She has graced many red carpet events such as The Grammy’s, The Latin Billboard Awards, The Alma Awards and many more. Paloma has a substantial fan base on MySpace and is ready to attack the world.

Currently under the management of Glass House Entertainment and Trevino Management Paloma is gearing up for her promotional tour in the US and overseas. She also has managed to find some time in her busy schedule to donate her time to non-profit organizations such as The City of Hope, Famila Unida Living with MS and others. This girl is quite ambitious and when asked what her ultimate goal is… she states she wants to branch out onto other things in the industry such as acting, designing, producing, writing, and more. “I want to be involved in many things as well as being happy of course. That should be every ones ultimate goal.”

“I look up to women who have been successful not only in their careers but also in their personal life.”

For story opportunities please contact Reyna Trevino/ Trevino Enterprises @ (818) 660-2888 ext 101


Fired Up

Written By: Paloma Rodriquez & Sweet (of Sway'd Cap Productions)

Normally I'm not the type of girl
that walks up to a guy and starts to flirt
but you got ways that make me wanna change
my mind about the ways I'm doing thangs

It's getting heated as i pass you by
I'm getting chills up and down my spine
it might be wrong but it feels so right
I'm making all the moves tonight

Boy you got me fired up
(about you)
the tension is rising up
(i want to)
get u to stir this up cuz its working up and I'm burning up
(i wanna be connected to you)
(I want you)

It's ok you don't need a plan
follow me cuz I'm taking command
I'll even give you room to place your hands
cuz I can surely see you as my man

now hurry up don't mess this up
I'm ready for you to turn it up
here's your chance don't pass this up
cuz I'm about to turn it loose

I know that you see my desire
I want you to turn up this fire
I don't care what you say to me
I know you want what you can't see
And I'm gonna make you come to me

Te Quiero Sentir

Written By: Paloma & Lorenzo A.


no pienses que yo soy haca mujer
haca mujer muy facial de querer
solo en tus brazos me haces reconocer
las cosas locas que yo quiero hacer

siento calor cuando estas aqui
siento pasion dentro de mi
en realidad yo no soy haci
solamente quiero decir


me tienes en fuego amor o si
me tienes perdida amor haci
siento este calor en mi cuerpo amor entre tu y yo
ven aqui te quiero sentir baby

no hagas planes para los dos
aqui yo mando este es mi show
asercate y dime tu que si
ya me imagino que eres para mi

solo hay un oprotunidad
es hora o nunca mas
si quieres algo de verdad
sigame y ven aqui


me tienes en fuego amor o si
me tienes perdida amor haci
siento este calor en mi cuerpo amor entre tu y yo
ven aqui te quiero sentir baby


se que deseas mis besos
eso y mas yo quiero

yo se que te mueres por mi
yo tambien lo siento haci
no te tardes en venir, en venir


First Single to be released ~ Fired Up~

Spanish Single to released ~ Te Quiero Sentir ~

Set List

1. We Both Lose 4:00

2. Perdiendo Todo (Spanish) 4:06

3. Sola (Spanish) 3:14

4. In the Middle of the Night 3:17

5. Can U handle Me 3:57

6. Fired Up (single)(Radio) 3:17

7. Fired Up (Lor3nsoHseMix) 3:24