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Palo Verde

Portland, Oregon, United States | INDIE

Portland, Oregon, United States | INDIE
Band Rock Avant-garde




"Up & Coming"

“…(Palo Verde’s) telepathically improvised slabs of sludge-metal riffing are brutal punishment of the very best kind…” - Portland Mercury


“…(Palo Verde) do…improv, proggy, stoner rock. Newman’s drumming is front and center, while Kleinknecht locks into her groove with thick riffs, discordant angularity and the seeming ability to read her partner’s mind when it comes to changes…If you didn’t know…(Palo Verde) was an improv duo going into a show, you still might not know it when you leave. That’s how tight they are…” - Tucson Weekly

"Palo Verde"

“Palo Verde’s improvised songs (are) chugging, dark, low blasts of Sabbath-esque post-rock delivered in concert with an unflinching intensity.” - Willamette Week

"100 percent rock, 100 percent improv, 100 percent female"

“100 percent rock, 100 percent improv, 100 percent female. Experts in experimental distortion and cohesion, believers in cautionary audience participation and diehard lovers of rock ’n’ roll, Palo Verde delivers an unparalleled performance of sweat, grime and explosive energy. When the members of Palo Verde describe themselves as an improv duo, they use the word religiously. All of their live performances and recordings are jams that come to life in that moment—without any preconceived structure or format—never to be repeated again. Many musicians have tried, or at least toyed with, the fulfillment of this idea, but none seem to pull it off quite as well as this drum and guitar duo…” - Portland Daily Vanguard

"The Underground, In Wax"

“…Sure to be a show highlight are wildly inventive sludge-rockers Palo Verde. Words don’t do the band justice—their fully improvised sets combine the hesher energy of Judas Priest with the drum-centric technical artistry of Mr. Elf. It’s primal, cathartic and as blasphemously fun as a Black Mass… Local improv-metal duo Palo Verde exact sludgy guitar riffs and spot-on progressive heaviness with a tight musicality that belies the very nature of improvisation…” - Just Out

"Outer Bounds of Sound"

“…You know you’re in for a good show when the drummer blows her nose in her tee shirt and slams a Red Bull before the first song. (Palo Verde) launched into their tunes, each set improvised on the spot. “We try to get some nice textures,” Newman laughed from underneath her mop of black matted hair. The group’s violent, chugging riffs moved from math rock to deep grooves, often alternating into call and response snare hits. Kleinknect’s guitar work acts as a sonic floor for Newman’s out of control, drums-as-lead-instrument attack, beating on her kit with the blunt, bottom end of her drumsticks. The ladies only performed 3 songs, but each one felt like a work out, and the bloody and bruised crowd cheered as they finished, satisfied and maybe even a little relieved…” - Phoenix New Times

"Palo Verde, Arpeggiator, Fruiting Bodies"

“Local female duo Palo Verde is just making it up as it goes along—literally. These chicks improvise heavy, psychedelic jams, building a wall of thundering drums and sludgy guitars, only to bring it crashing down in waves of noise and long-suffering cymbals. The band’s recorded work has received plenty of praise, but this is the kind of thing you really need to see and experience live. And possibly with some good-quality earplugs.” - Willamette Week

"Bands To Watch"

“If you like dark, pared-down, and unapologetic un-catchy music check out Palo Verde, a two-piece powerhouse of a band. Lauren K’s smashing drums and Terrica Kleinknecht distorted guitar are like a metal show that could fit in your living room. Don’t expect some pop song that will be stuck in your head. Their songs grow slowly and organically, turning into a swirling growl of psychedelic guitar and mesmerizing drumming. Streaming their songs online just barely do justice to their sound, and if you get the chance to see them live you’ll be treated to some of the most intense drumming of your life. (Don’t forget to bring your anti-face melting serum).” - Bitch Magazine


Zero Hour full length LP/MP3/CD (Phratry Records, 2011)

Palo Verde/Cinder Cone Split Cassette (Geweih Ritual Documents, 2011)

History for the Rest of Eternity 7" (Drunken Beagle Records, 2010)

Palo Verde/Hot Victory Split 7” (We Made These Records, 2010)

We Made These Songs-Various Artists 12” LP (We Made These Records, 2010)

Palo Verde: In The Beginning CD (Self Release, 2008)



Palo Verde is an all female, psychedelic, sludge-rock duo. The band initially formed as experimental double-drum duo called Stickitin but evolved into the current guitar/drums incarnation. Since 2006, they have performed extensively in the Northwest and have embarked on several U.S. tours, sharing the stage with bands such as Jucifer, Thrones, Black Elk, Japanther, and Kusikia.

Palo Verde has self-released several recordings produced in their home studio. They released their first official CD, History for the Rest of Eternity (recorded to 2” tape at Type Foundry by Lauren K. Newman), in May of 2010 on their own Drunken Beagle Records. Palo Verde toured in support of History for the Rest of Eternity in Summer/Fall of 2010. Palo Verde began working with Phratry Records in 2011 with the release of band’s epic recording, Zero Hour (Phratry, 2011) which was engineered by Christina Files (drummer for Victory At Sea and Mary Timony; recording engineer for Tara Jane O’Neil, Shipping news; live sound for Shellac).