Pal Phillips

Pal Phillips


Want to hear original rock-n-roll that'll get stuck in your head and then your rotation? Then have a listen. Find out why one former Island Records A&R rep called his music "Timeless," and why he's been compared to Ben Harper, Jack Johnson, Leonard Cohen, Cake, and more...


Christopher Pal Phillips has a restless soul. With an original repertoire as varied as the places he's seen, this artist has no shortage of unique experiences to draw from. "I started travelling when I was 19. Left the country for nine months. I've been to 16 countries and seen a lot of the U.S. since then. I'm fairly nomadic, it's one reason I wanted to be a musician."
Combine that with influences from Bob Dylan to the Roots and you get a formula for great music and songwriting. "Right now I've got about 50 or 60 songs I perform and plenty of other material to work with. I'm producing, improving my engineering skills, playing drums and bass...becoming as well rounded as possible. I've played shows from Seattle to New York and people always say they love it, so that tells me I'm on the right track.
Pal is currently in pre-production for his first album, due out in '09.


A few demos can be heard here or on myspace. First full length release due out in 2009.

Set List

Pal will perform up to 3 hours solo or with his band. A few covers are thrown in. You might hear Dylan, Cash or anything from White Stripes to Pixies.