Sarah Fleck & the Palpitations

Sarah Fleck & the Palpitations


Sarah Fleck & the Palpitations are a five-piece rock & roll band based in Williamsport, PA. They play fun, upbeat, guitar-driven songs, adding elements of blues and folk to a foundation influenced by classic rock & roll of the 1960s and 1970s.


Sarah Fleck & the Palpitations were best friends before they were a band. Amazingly, after three years of playing together as much as possible, writing original material, and recording a full-length album, they still like each other.

Individually, each member of the group is a talented and versatile musician. The real strength of the band, however, lies in the musical chemistry and understanding that comes from years of not only playing together, but coexisting in the same cramped college dormitory rooms. Each member knows the others' strengths, weaknesses, and musical tendencies, which gives the Palpitations a cohesion that most younger bands lack.

Perhaps more than anything, however, the five members of Sarah Fleck & the Palpitations are defined by their love of music. During the winter of 2006, the band had hit a snag. They had lost their only available practice space and as a result hadn't rehearsed in six weeks. On March 11, the band received word that they had been accepted to play for a collegiate Relay for Life show, a gig they'd applied to play at three months prior. The date? That night. The time? 4:00 A.M.

Most bands would have balked at the total lack of notice, not to mention the hellish time slot. But Sarah Fleck & the Palpitations have long believed that God hates a coward. Absolutely starved to perform, they cobbled together an hour of old favorites and new pieces arranged on the spot. They stayed up all night, just to play to a sparse gymnasium full of sleepy students.

That night defined Sarah Fleck & the Palpitations. Soon after they found a new practice space. Over the next few years they performed more and more frequently, added more instruments to their arsenal, and began focusing on developing original material. In the summer of 2007 they recorded their debut album, "Blue Jeans & Daydreams" at Complex One Studios in Indiana, PA. The album features eleven original compositions and represents the band's most developed and mature artistic statement to date.


Blue Jeans & Daydreams (2007)
(debut album, recorded at Complex One studios in Indiana, PA, featuring eleven original compositions)

Set List

60+ minutes of original material
120+ minutes of covers

Our originals are upbeat rock and roll songs, featuring guitar heroics, a rock-solid rhythm section and improbably alliterative lyrics. Our songs draw from classic rock influences, but also feature modern indie-rock sounds.

Cover songs often include material from luminaries of 1960s and 1970s classic rock and roll: Led Zeppelin, Bob Dylan, David Bowie, et. al.