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Emcees fiend for beats with the most fire, and Palumbo has the touch to keep them on point. The professional influence of DJ Premier, Dilla, Justblaze, and Kanye West have sharpened Palumbo's skills to be one of the elite Hip-Hop/R&B producers, today.


Born in the BX and raised in South Florida, Palumbo has always been a true hip hop head, buying his first rap album at 8 years old. Influenced by hip hop classics like Run DMC's "Tougher Than Leather", Palumbo began writing rhymes in earnest. Starting exclusively as an MC, he later evolved into a producer out of necessity, needing beats for his own musical aspirations. Through experimentation with an MPC2000XL and samples from various musical genres, including soul, classic R&B, Rock and Roll and even Spanish Baladas, Palumbo has developed his own unique style while staying true to the real soul of hip hop music. While still focused on a career as a recording artist with his crew DaLost, he has managed to carve his own niche as a beatmaker in the local indie scene. Regarded as a champion of true hip hop by his contemporaries, Palumbo is dedicated to providing MC's with the sonic fuel to revitalize the culture from it's current stagnant state. Forming Force Feed 'Em Records in early 2006, Palumbo and DaLost have begun the movement to establish themselves as a creative force in music. His first effort "Palumbo Beats Vol. 1" is available now for purchase.