Athens, Attica, GRC

World-Electro. Ancient Greek roots vs urban electronica. Greek, Balkan & Mediterranean traditional music mixed with live electronics, dance & live visuals.


PALYRRIA’s new album ELECTRYFYING NATURE is out on 17th of May from Cantini Records, with international participations: Kumar (Cuba), from Ojos de Brujo Maxwell Wright & DJ Panko (Spain), Matthias Loibner (Austria), Florian Mikuta (Romania), Achilleas Persidis, Pantelis Stoikos, Serafeim Marmaridis, Giannis Dimitriadis (Greece).

PALYRRIA (from Greece) created in 1996 as a dance project.
At 1999 the band turned into its own musical direction.

They call it World-Electro and indeed
this music is neither electronic nor ethnic.

It is a mixture of western electronica
and traditional music from around the Mediterranean.

Ancient ceremonies around the Mediterranean have always been filled with music and musical expression,
back in times when people chose to express themselves in much more ecstatic and paganistic ways.

PALYRRIA uses Aeolian scales, pentatonic music,
instruments that come out of the depths of history,
alongside with pumping bass lines, techno grooves,
vocoders, clicks and cuts, creating music
that is both ancient and futuristic at the same time.

One of the key elements in this attempt is live playing.

PALYRRIA has already played in Festivals all over Greece (e-phos, European Music Day, Samothraki Dance Festival, Synch Festival, Babel Comix Festival, Athens 2004 - in the city of Athens celebrations for Olympic Games, and December 2006 - in Christmas in Athens celebrations),
and in many clubs in Greece and Cyprus.

PALYRRIA is a group of musicians
rather than a studio based project all of which are
specialized in their instruments and have the ability
to reproduce their sound live on stage without the
need of tapes or pre-recorded music.

They prefer to think of electronics as a way of modernizing the old sounds rather than a means to an end.

PALYRRIA are constantly on the road and consider
live performance as the most vital function of the band.

Palyrria (Greece) are also participating in The Time Project, created by Matthias Loibner, together with the European bands Mitsoura (Hungary), Sno (Sweden), and Familha Artus (France), which was premiered in Oerol Festival (NL) at 13th June 2008, and is currently booking touring dates for 2009.
PALYRRIA are now planning their 2010 - 2011 Greek - European Electrifying Nature Tour, and they are available for booking for clubs and festivals.


2010: electrifying Nature (Cantini CD)
2006: Methexy (Protasis CD).
2004: Palyrria (Cantini CD).
2001: Zero Gravity (Rubber Records CD).
1996: Pythias Last Dream (Music DNA EP).

European Compilations:
2006: Europavox (Foudation Lagarder, France)
- track Ioli.
2005: Made In Greece (Lolas World, Germany)
- track Kyma.
2005: Chillogram (Peak Records, Switzerland)
- track Nilos Dub.

Other Compilations:
2004: Ethnica III (EMI)
track Ikariotikos.
2004: Lounging in the House (Eros Music)
track Chillum Reggae.
2003: Deep Tones (Rubber Records)
track Morning Lyre (Blend rmx.)
2001: Ethnic Odyssey (Eros Music)
track Manolis Dub.

Set List

Typicall performance duration: 1h,15 min. - 1h, 45 min.