Pam Autuori

Pam Autuori


My music is from the heart, it is full of emotion and truth. It is acoustic but at times is alternative with electronic piano and drums. The lyrics are real and the melodies are catchy. It is unique and easy to listen to.


Influences include Tegan and Sara, Elliott Smith and Death Cab for Cutie. The lyrics are honest. Every song is heartfelt, the listener is able to connect with what is being said and what emotions are being brought. Each song is different and unique. I (Pam Autuori) met David Stillman and Dean Ellerton at Suffield Academy at an Open Mic night. They immediately took me into their studio to record and the rest is history. Our sound is tight and well thought out, dealing with perfectionists can be a great thing sometimes...



Written By: Pam Autuori

Lets face it
we were never meant for this
So lets fake it
we'll pretend we tried our best
we tried our best

And my hands are shaking
as I'm holding your note
Over analyzing
every word you wrote

so long ago

Let's face it
we were never meant for this
You can bite your tongue and shut your eyes
and say you tried your best
But if you tried
then could you please explain
how it got this way

(Chorus) (2x)

Picture Perfect

Written By: Pam Autuori

So picture this:
I'm wearing a white dress
and laying waiting in my kingdom of dirt that I built for you
And how can I help her at all
when I can't express the feelings of the feelings I felt before

With this frame faced down
I am trying to remember your face
and every day put to waste for you
And how can I help her at all
when I can't define the meaning of this word that helped me fall

(Pre chorus)
Its a long way from home she says
but I promised her I would not forget
A lie untold is a promise kept
So with that in mind I'll leave her to rest

And I wrote this only song for you thinking maybe we could figure out something
And it changes when I look at you cause maybe i was thinking of something more true


So picture this:
I'm waiting alone
the only footprints behind me are the footprints I call my own
And how can I help her work when I forgot my only love
and my love forgot me first

(Pre chorus)
(Chorus 2x)


So picture this:
Your hand in mine
and the deception of perfection
that I've dreamt a thousand times

Lying in Truth

Written By: Pam Autuori


In the night I come
like a ghost under your skin
I am biting my tongue
waiting for your breath to send
me anything
Send me something worth remembering
worth remembering

And you kissed my neck
as you pulled me closer
and if you only felt the way I felt
as you looked me over
Then maybe we could talk this out
maybe you could listen
Cause a secret is worth finding out
if you'll know what you'll be missing


Can I melt into
a different part of you
Where we lie in truth
and beg for something new


And your face disappeared
by the darkness of the lights
But through it all I found your mouth
And through it all you saved my life
Maybe if I took the time
but time is always taking everything that's anything
And making it worth breaking



I'll take this off
and you'll take this lying down

If I take this off
Will you take my lying down


(in the process of finishing EP)

Set List

Hand in Hand
Dancing in the Dark- cover- Bruce Springstein
Seems Terrible
Picture Perfect
Lying in Truth
Tony- Cover
Silent Explanation