Pamela Da Moni

Pamela Da Moni


The Pop Diva Movement will be revitalized, this revitalization is Pamela Da Moni. The captivating tones in this Pop Princess voice will memerize all audiences.


Pamela DaMoni, born of Italian and Spanish descent and raised in Chicago. Coming up on the deep South Side, always holding onto music through her wide influences, was DaMoni. Her life began as an outcast, and so she found inspiration in the likes of Stevie Wonder, and Michael Jackson, and started combining them with the pop melodies of supergroups like Journey, Phil Collins and U2.

Faced with the difficulties in finding an outlet to expose her deep thoughts with in Chicago, she indulged in poetry writing while filtering this ideas into music, setting it all to melodies. As she grew into her role as a singer/songwriter, she found her maturity developing during the era of Gloria Estefan and Toni Braxton, seeking to mold herself into a pop singer.

Learning to capture the essence of music with an R&B flavor was only the beginning for Pamela, whose songwriting pays tribute to Billie Holiday's blues, Sarah Vaughan's swing, 60's rhythms, and 70's soulfulness. She takes her style into new areas at every turn, working reggae beats, dance power, and ballad sway into her own undeniable sound. "I've always loved music since the time I could move. It's been a part of me and it always will. That's why I am so thankful for the chance to share my experiences with you through my songs".

Da Moni makes her statement clear on Eye 2 Eye... Hear the album that made music come back to Chicago.


Hold Me Down(2004) single produced by Griot Prod
Urban Love(2004) single produced by Rottweiler
Stepping Out(2005) Single produced by Fab 5
EYE 2 Eye(2005) album produced by Hill Top, Griot, Fab 5, Rottweiler

Set List

Stepping Out
Urban Love
Caribbean Love
Too Late
EyE 2 EyE
Spanish Fly