Pamela Johnson

Pamela Johnson


One of the most beautiful voices you've ever heard with the heart that backs it up. Pamela Johnson mixes passion with soul to create music that touchs anyone who hears it...She transends gender, race and Society.

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Step Aside

Written By: Pamela Johnson

Everytime I try to feed my need to be free
I find myself choking on your silver spoon
And I have all this hatred that I keep inside for you
cause you, you said I was a child that woul not rise
and now,

I am going out alone
I will make it on my own
as you ignore my tears
alone I face my fears
and though you never knew
just what you put me through
I am through with you, I am through with you!!!

And to think that you would have me beleive,
that it was you this whole time,
and that only you could provide,
Well I don't want your free ride,
take this all inside, take this all in mind
and just step aside
and just step aside


Pamela Johnson - Pamela Johnson Released 5/06

Step Aside In Rotation On WRTT's Left Of Center

Set List

A Mostly Original set list of An Hour or more. Does Three Covers

Cold: Bleed
Failure: The Nurse Who Loved Me
Marilyn Manson: Speed Of Pain