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The best kept secret in music


""What A Masterpiece""

« What a masterpiece!!
I really loved it. »

" 'L'oeuf' is the most delicate and daring record I've heard
in a long time.
Pamela Sue Mann's lyrics are so deeply woven into the sounds and
textures that it almost seems like a new language.
I've always been a fan of both Gerry Leonard's lush and groovy parts so that makes the listening experience even deeper and kevin Killen pulls the whole thing together in his own brilliant way."

-Laurie anderson

- Laurie Anderson

""Grounded Yet Ethereal""

In the course of my experience with Pamela Sue Mann, a phrase has come to mind time and again to describe what she does ... that phrase being 'grounded ethereal.' A voice that is light as a feather, and that might float away at any given moment, is firmly rooted in beats and grooves - whether man or machine crafted - that keep it firmly on Earth among us, for our benefit. She and her usual high caliber cohorts Gerry Leonard and Kevin Killen up the ante on her latest release, "L'Oeuf," which I was lucky enough to participate in. She has grown on this one - there's greater depth to the songwriting and production, and she's taking chances. It's what a second record is supposed to be about.

Mark Plati - Producer (David Bowie, Cure, Brazilian Girls)

- Mark Plati

""Thoughtful and Intelligent""

Pamela Sue Mann's "L'eouf" is a beautiful collection of thoughtful and intelligent(contemporary pop) songs..... a welcome relief from the overcrowded jungle of passe' artists...

-Mark Brotter
of« HEM »


""Beautiful Melodies""

Pamela Sue Mann has an incredible childlike soprano flowing over a hard, brutal groove.
She writes beautiful melodies with a sweetness and gentleness, Yet do not be deceived...
there is a lot of strength underneath it all.
The production on this record is flawless.

- Nancy Magarill
Label Free Radio

- Label Free Radio

""Diva in the Making""



- MTV Online

""Truly Refreshing and Universal""

Mann has the ability to encompass all things beautiful and ethereal - while at the same time ensuring there is enough hell to keep it interesting- something truly refreshing and universal.
The word "L'oeuf" is french for "egg" ... and this album surely is just the beginning of a truly amazing future for this bright new star.

-Kaz Waters
Red rebel Music/Australia
- Red Rebel Music


Pamela Sue Mann (self titled) (2002)
L'Oeuf (2007)


Feeling a bit camera shy


Pamela Sue Mann, hailed by critics for her signature brand of melodious and haunting ethereal pop, has just completed her second album, "Loeuf", the highly anticipated follow up to her debut "Pamela Sue Mann". L'Oeuf features Mann's lush, dreamy vocals and a rich, panoramic sound, she says "this album was very much born out of a time spent researching fairy tales, visiting ancient sites in France and Ireland, dreams, journals and a fascination with Jean Cocteau's "La Belle et La Beta (Beauty and the Beast)". The songs emerged from the writings of this period and I followed the concept through to the artwork and overall design".

"Loeuf" was produced by long-time collaborator Gerry Leonard, who has worked with such luminaries as David Bowie, Suzanne Vega and Laurie Anderson among others. The album is "more like an old-fashioned concept album or fairy tale", Leonard says. "Loeuf" is an enchanted encounter with the fantastic that lives in all of us"