Pamela White Inc

Pamela White Inc

 Toronto, Ontario, CAN

My guitar may be be small, but my voice is big! I write pop/folk songs - sometimes about myself, sometimes about the weird little stories I hear that catch my attention.


Pamela White Inc, showcases her eclectic musicality through her thought-provoking original compositions. Describing her style as "acoustic pop with a folk twist", she draws inspiration from the twisted lives of those around her. Her performances are always engaging and she particularly enjoys interacting with her often-vocal audiences.

Pamela started learning music at 5 and discovered from an early age that coming up with little songs was actually quite entertaining and fun. During her formative years, she tried her hand at as many instruments as possible, but at 16 settled on the guitar as her primary focus. Pamela writes songs about life, love and the eccentricities of the people around her, pulling her musical influences from rock, pop, blues, folk and begrudgingly, country.


EP prod. by DJ Kush Nubia to be released early 2013

Set List

I have a catalogue of about 50 original songs and many more covers ranging from motown to musical theatre to folk and rock.