Pamme Swan

Pamme Swan


Original storytelling folk songs with a country flare. Songs served up on a Taylor a Martin and a strumstick in standard and opening tunings. Songs written as proof of an incredible life from travel, divorce and child raising geared for a listening crowd and guaranteed to enkindle within.


And this is what I learned
Where ever I may go
Wish them well where they wander
Because it is what it is.
It is what it is.

Someone once asked me,
"Pamme, why do you write...
why do you take so many pictures"?
I said, " Because my life has been so amazing, I"ll need proof later or no one will ever believe me"!

I've played in several bands, duos and trios... I've Learned a lot and have come full circle again, downsizing to just me. It's refreshing!
My uncle bought me a subscription to National Geographic magazine for Christmas when I was about nine and thats what started me writing. I wrote about the pictures.
Over the years I wrote and wrote and wrote some more...
I started playing guitar when I was 12...There were no shopping malls to hang out in back then and growing up in a small town there was nothing but time. I miss that time. Long hours to practice and ponder.
I guess thats when the stories became shorter an I started writing songs.
So I played to records and played with friends. I played in bedrooms, woods, parks and high school plays. My first recording was done in a huge, converted barn called "Art Ark". I played under pavilions, the stars, and the influence of several things I am lucky to have survived.
I played in cars, bars, churches, weddings and laundry mats. I've rocked out in frat house parties where I should of had a tetanus shot before entering.
I think I played in every frat house along 12 B in Hamilton. Home of Colgate University.
I've played in Coffee Houses and Public Radio TV shows in pretty much every state here in the North East.
I started out alone...Then, while having babies I played with Camila Loop while she was having her babies. We wrote a song called "Power Moms" Thats right! Camila and Pamela ...we called ourselves The Slamela, we were not lesbians. We had one gig. It was on the night OJ Simpson in a white bronco, was being chased by the police...we had the audience 'till that scene came on the big screen...and this is pretty funny because as I sit here writing about OJ, I hear from the TV in the other room that he's been arrested yet again for armed robbery... anyway, our babies were a lot of Cam and I put our guitars down and tended to them.
Divorce made me pick up that guitar again several years later when the babies stopped breast feeding an went to day I played again and tended bar. I love people. A lot of what I write comes simply from listening to what people say.
I remarried this time to my Biology Teacher from, I didn't even think he was cute in high school! But he had a really nice house and I was very sick of living underground under snow banks and we hit it off and got married. He has supported me in all my musical endeavors, all the CDs I made and all the money I didn't make not working a real job. I could not have of done it without him.
I did go to college! When my children were in their early years of schooling I got myself a degree in Landscape Design. I learned the names of every tree, shrub, annual and perennial. No flower arranging classes for me! I learned how to drive a backhoe, bobcat and a dump truck. I wore work boots and was in pretty good shape with a pruner strapped to my side on Morrisville State College campus in search of pests and plant diseases After graduating from there
I joined a rock band called "Club Ed". We didn't go very far as Colgate kept us busy. We bragged of having two drummers. Band members were Ed Vollmer, Myself, Scot Kraly, Jimmy Wunderlich, David Thompson, David Williams and whatever Colgate student who got up to jam along...Club Ed lasted about 8 years...I've payed my dues belting out rock cover tunes...Enough of that.
I then put together The Swan Road Trio with Jimmy Wunderlich and Scot Kraly as it seemed such a waste to not play anymore with these guys with whom I've played with for so many years. We did all my original material. It was an honor to play with these guys and a challenge to arrange my simple folk music to include a percussionist and another guitarist...who knows, we may still play again?
My most recent CD "Patchouli Room" was a true magical adventure...each song falling into my lap somehow. I could not have done this with out the help of my dear friend and fellow writer, Patrick Mills.
Not long after the holidays of 2007 I picked up the weekly edition of the Mid York an read a heartfelt paragraph written by Charlie Getchonis remembering his son Craig who passed away two years ago. Ironically Rob Stahl had read the same paragraph and we both had the same idea and contacted one another. Thus Skyway was born. Both Rob and I worked with Craig at the bookstore and were friends of the same feather. "Skyway" a benefit concert in memory of Craig. A festival of local artists to raise money for the next generation of musicians in the area. Our first Skyway show was a success and reason to do one every year.
2007 has been a very rewarding ma


Grace's Ghost

Written By: Pamme Swan

Grace's Ghost

Grace’s is running round the big old Inn
She’s making everybody sick and everybody thin
The numbers aren’t crunching, the innkeepers sad
He can’t get out of bed he’s feeling that bad
On the second floor in room number nine
The clocks are broken an I don’t have time
For Grace’s Ghost
Grace’s Ghost

Mean mean mountains in the wintertime
They’ll freeze you solid an take your life
They’ll show no mercy when they let you go
Make you drunk and crazy when you think you know
Which way to go Which way to go
North is east and south is west
I lost my direction I can’t get no rest
With Grace’s Ghost
Grace’s Ghost

The hearth is crackling with a traitor fire
Peyton place in full drama about to expire
Mr. Gillette it was a tragic mistake
Leaving two hearts broken in bottom of this lake
I read Graces letters outside the wind whips around
Did your cold heart break when you watched her sink down
Grace’s Ghost
Grace’s Ghost

Mean mean mountains in the wintertime
They’ll freeze you solid an take your life
They’ll show no mercy when they let you go
Make you drunk and crazy when you think you know
Which way to go Which way to go
North is east and south is west
I lost my direction I can’t get no rest
With Grace’s Ghost
Grace’s Ghost

Grace is running round the big old Inn
She’s making everybody sick an everybody thin
Nobody’s thinking straight crazy as loons
With Grace slamming doors in all the empty rooms
Up on the second floor in room number nine
In a swirl of snow making me blind
Is Grace’s Ghost
Is Grace's Ghost
Grace's Ghost
Grace's Ghos

Rim Of The World

Written By: Pamme SwanRim Of The World

Rim Of The World

Thinking back to summer
A thought occurred to me in June
I'd love to start a hobby farm
A Senior Citizen Commune
We could all work together
Organic we will grow
An write for Mother Earth Catalog
Cause we're old now an we know

Move up to the San Bernadino mountains
Plant some pomegranite trees
An sip pom martinis
In a honey suckle breeze
Spend the day in a kyack
And a night with my guitar
An pretend that hundred dollar bills
fill my lucky life tip jar

I've been hiking hemlock mountain trails
To hear what the old man said
He took a bite and sipped his wine
Then he put these words in my head
Write it down or no one will believe
Take the shots for everyone to see
All the places you've been
An you my dear have been living pretty fat
Your life is living you
So your gonna have to dance with that

I've been reading some Oprah books
They've helped me get through
Just being me
Hasn't always been the easiest thing to do
Never understood religion
All the politics is lead to war
Right is wrong an wrong is right
I've heard it all before

Driving up on the rim of the world
On the highway of the stars
I'm high above the swirling ocean
An an long long way from Mars
I'm pushing away the darkness
I'm sitting still in the light
An I'm listening to my quiet
while my spirit prepares for flight

2nd chorus
I've been hiking hemlock mountain trails
And from this life I learned
Wish them well where ever they wander
Wish them well at every turn
Heaven is earth You can still fly away
It is what it is and Everything will be ok
All the places I have been
An I've been living pretty fat
Life is living me
So I'm gonna have with dance to that

Mother Earth met God on a dark and empty day
In the black hole of no where together they found their way
God with all his light said I'm a attracted to you
Mother Earth said "Thats right" and I know just what to do
So God an Mother married so that Jesus could see
An when they touched each a lucid heaven came to be
Now this isn't the heaven of which we've been fed
This heaven is the quiet behind the mess inside our heads

3rd verse

2nd Chorus ending with
All the places we've been
And we've all been living pretty fat
Life is living us
So we're gonna have to dance with that


Tango Tree Cd 1999
Pamarama 2002
Sprinkles 2002- Top Ten Syracuse Post Standard
Once Sated 2004
Patchouli Room 2006-Top Ten Syracuse Post Standard

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