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Windows of My Soul

Written By: Pam Nielsen

As I walk through my past
As I walk through each room
There is love where there used to be pain
As I take each step
And soak it all in
It's familiar, but it isn't the same

As I look a little closer
I can see God throughout
With His tool belt working away
Making each piece fit right
Securing it in
Guiding me each step of the way

You see, the weeds have turned to flowers
Dry earth to streams
The pain has turned to peace
The furniture is new now
The glass is clear
And I see His handwork here
On the windows of my soul

As we go out on the porch
To feel the warmth of the sun
A rainbow seeps through its rays
Then we walk down the path
Where the grass is now green
I thank God for my yesterdays

CHORUS (3 times)

i am free

Written By: Pam Nielsen

Peeling back the layers
Shedding all the tears
I've stopped myself from living life
Controlled by fears
It's been an uphill battle
An outright war
I've gone inside to free myself
To find shelter from the storm

I'm standing at a crossroad
A fork within the road
To let go of my burdens
Or continue with my load
I feel like I've been frozen
Deep within these walls
They've kept me safe for quite some time
Now it's not safe there at all

I step through the clouds
The sun is there to warm me
I push through the crowds
And I can finally breath
Now my eyes can see
The fog has just been lifted
My heart and mind have shifted
I am free, oh yes, I am free

The backhoe's come a diggin'
It's carrying out my dirt
To lay a smooth foundation
Where there used to be such hurt
I'm ready for the changes
The sweet release has come
I feel as if I've been reborn
And my life has just begun


I'm letting go
I'll let it flow
I'm flying on God's wings

CHORUS (twice)

guardian angel

Written By: Pam Nielsen

Do you maybe have a minute to tell you 'bout a dream?
That first let me know an angel's watchin' over me
I was walkin' to a small plane, a pilot by the door
Her smile was so familiar, her voice I'd heard before
I saw a light around her like none I'd ever seen
Her words reached deep into my soul as she began to speak

I'm your guardian angel
I've been with you since birth
God's asked for me to help you out
While you're here on earth
To open up some windows
Even help you close some doors
On your journey back to heaven
And to help you stay on course
Trust in Him

As we prepared for takeoff, she said "You'll wanna buckle up"
Cause at times the journey's very smooth but at times it can get rough"
When we reached about 10,000 feet, she came back to sit by me
Got lost in conversation, for hours so it seemed
Suddenly I panicked, "Hey, who's piloting this plane?"
She reached out touched my hand and said "Jesus is His name"


Lightning struck, thunder rolled as we started to descend
Flying through dark stormy clouds that never seemed to end
The plane was jolted to and fro, my heart dropped down to my feet
My life passed quick before my eyes, I could hardly breathe
I looked to her for comfort and to know we'd land okay
As the wheels touched gently to the ground, she said "I'm with you all the way"

CHORUS (3 times)

he gives

Written By: Pam Nielsen

Stuck in this chair
I cannot move
The thoughts of life are fading fast
And how long must this pain last
This whole of darkness cannot see the life before me
There's no way out
I'm afraid
This place I've known for most my days
And there's got to be a way
To pull myself out from this pain
I cry in vain

And though the sun appears
And warms my face
It's cold here in this place
And when I feel that hope no longer lives
He gives

I don't know how
I don't know how
To see God's light and know its power
Yet even in my darkest hour
Somehow I know the answer's there
I plead in prayer

And now the sun appears
And warms my face
It's peaceful in this place
And when I feel that hope no longer lives
He gives