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Columbia, South Carolina, United States | INDIE

Columbia, South Carolina, United States | INDIE
Band Alternative Rock


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"Future: Yallapalooza"

CCP: How would you characterize the music on your ambitious debut EP Post Rock is Not Dead? What are your goals with this music?

P: Please listen to the album on headphones. it really is incredible. Somebody called us “Post Post Revival”. I like that term, whatever it means, but I think it’s fitting, because we are trying to do something that is different than the normal post-rock (and music in general) that you hear today. I honestly don’t know what we should be called, if anything it’s a genre that hasn’t been named yet, and we hope it catches on, like what Washed Out did when he essentially created chillwave. We want to uplift people, make them feel good about themselves, to show them that music can do that to you. All I can say is listen to Fang Island, before them we played metal, and we would not be nearly as good if we were playing metal.

CCP: Pan is an especially catchy and applicable band name. Does it mean anything specifically?

P: Pan’s original inspiration was from Peter Pan and how “happy thoughts make you fly”. Over time we began to accept all things associated with the name. Pan also means “all”, and “bread” in Spanish, which might be the reason most of our Facebook fans are from Latin America.

CCP: Does Pan have plans to soon release any further material? Where would you like to be this time next year?

P: Yes, we plan to record a full-length album with our friends at Post-Echo (Justin Schmidt and Franklin Jones) that will be released before the year is out. I’m bold enough to say it could be out before the end of October. (cross your fingers)

CCP: Who are some of your strongest Post-Rock influences?

P: Fang Island, Explosions in the Sky and Piglet are the most comparable to us, and we love them very, very much. Fang Island is the primary influence, then we proceeded to find other bands in similar genres. Basically Fang Island changed our perception of listening to and creating music. If it wasn’t for them, as stated before, we would be playing metal. Other bands that influence us, and I’m not afraid to say it are Blink 182, Avett Brothers, Arcade Fire, Passion Pit, Godspeed You! Black Emperor, Jerry Goldsmith, Tera Melos, and The Mountain Goats. Some post rock bands that I should mention as well are early Pelican and early This Will Destroy You.

CCP: Any advice to the Columbia music scene?

P: Put out a Facebook ad, and go see Tony Lee on Thursdays at Speak Easy, he is incredible. Also let’s get some better venues out there, looking forward to playing at the House august 12th. The stage looks awesome.

You can currently download Pan’s debut EP “Post Rock is Not Dead” at www.peterpan.bandcamp and later on this month via their page at the Post-Echo media label. - Columbia City Paper

"Future: YALL - Pan"

South Carolina's very own Pan is often mentioned in the same breath as Post-Rock juggernauts, Explosions in the Sky or Godspeed You! Black Emperor. But if one were to make a more accurate assessment of this instrumental powerhouse, it would be to dub them innovators of Post-Post Rock. An eclectic combination of sound and fervor, Pan get the Future: YALL album off to a grandiose start. -


Post Rock is Not Dead - EP - 2011



We are a primarily instrumental band that focuses on writing uplifting music. We want people to feel good about themselves when they listen to us. Most often, we are compared to Explosions in the Sky. You could call us a post rock band but we are honestly trying to transcend genre and instead present a feeling or idea, which as stated before, is to uplift and fulfill you.

We are protagonist enhancing music for enacting levitation, rescuing photogenic bystanders, overcoming the odds, and riding towards cinematic sunsets.

We hope you enjoy.