Rotterdam, South Holland, NLD
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PanAfrikanZ a Fresh breeze of Music to the Ears. No Gimmick needed, We Are!


Something new, yet familiar. Something original and fresh, yet something you recognize. It’s more than words, it’s the power in sounds, this is the future of True-Skool. Taziyah (Surinam) and Iyahmin (Somalia) are 2 brothers from the same Mother-Land, with a history that was written before their arrival.

They started writing their-story together since their schooldays. Doing whatever street youth did in the early 90`s , these brothers grew up to manhood together, going trough different phases like brothers. From being partners in crime, to being partners in rhyme, from being friends to being brothers, from being co-workers to being activist, from being consumers to becoming the future producers. Iyahmin the poetic mc, flows like the nile river, Taziyah is the MC/MVP on the MPC…

Coming out of the cassette deck era, the P.A. is mostly compared to the “Yo MTV raps” type of mc´s. You’ll see reflections of their inspirations in the music. You´ll see the reflections of the wisdom and spirituality of Afrikan cultures. Its hard not to notice that their political inspiration comes from Pan Afrikanz who played a major role in Afrikan history like Marcus Garvey, Malcolm X, Ras Tafari, Kwame Nkrumah etc. But at the heart of it all, the beats and rhymes reflect their own experiences and interest.

From the 010 , Rotterdam dock’s, known in the Netherlands for their energetic shows and rocking them stages with hip-hop from the soul and mind. From the national spots to the international arena, Pan Afrikanz are stepping into the future as Lion Kings on stage with a semi live band or full Live Band.


Brand New Day Album Release

PreSkool Mixtape Release