Panama Gold

Panama Gold

 Seattle, Washington, USA

Panama Gold is a rock n' roll quintet based in Seattle, WA. Formed in 2009, the band has developed a tasty blend of classic and indie rock to arouse the masses.


Panama Gold is rock n' roll quartet from Seattle, WA. Since forming in April 2009, they have written and recorded over 30 songs and released 2 demos, and more recently, their self-titled EP. They've played high energy performances at The Sunset Tavern, The High Dive, Slims,and Hell's Kitchen and have begun to cement their notoriety around the Seattle music scene. Drawing from an array of musical influences, the band has created their own brand of rock n' roll, which is equal parts high energy, quality songwriting and expirementation. "We fancy ourselves as being a band that goes outside the constraints of formulaic songwriting; but at the same time, we want your Grandma to like us, so we adhere to certain pop structures," states lead vocalist Damien Goyenechea. Panama Gold's fans are quick to analyze their music and attempt to pinpoint their sound: Most recognize the classic rock influence from The Doors, Ramones and the Rolling Stones; others are immediately struck by the progressive elements of their music which harness properties of indie rock experimentation. Panama Gold refer to their music as "beat music" above all else. They want you to move, feel, sweat, bleed, kiss and embrace.


Panama Gold - Self Titled EP
Released January 2010

Kill the Lights- EP
Released June 2012

Set List

Set time 30 to 45min