Pan Astral

Pan Astral

 Denver, Colorado, USA

Pan Astral, an indie pop/ electronica band out of Denver, writes, produces, and performs a highly unique and melodic form of rock music. Including members of Signal Path, Pan Astral projects a big, driving sound, that is quickly becoming known throughout the music scene and music industry.


Pan Astral consists of Ryan Burnett (Signal Path), Damon Metzner (Signal Path) and Visual Artist and Musician Gabriel Otto. Their unique combination of vocals with electronic beats, acoustic drums, electric and acoustic guitars, bass, wind instruments and synthesizers is pushing the envelope of music both melodically and texturally. The emotive and sometimes abstract lyrics evoke visual scenes and story lines that take the listener to the ocean floor in one song and into the earth's orbit in another. The instrumentation is highly layered, with an emphasis on drums and rich melody lines. Pan Astral's self-titled debut album was written and produced by Gabriel and Ryan. The two originally met in Montana, parted ways for five years, then came back together to develop a new sound, complete with original album art. Since it's release in 2010, Pan Astral, "Pan Astral" has found it's way onto more than one top ten albums of the year lists. In addition to crafting an acclaimed studio album, their experienced lineup of musicians perform a powerful and energetic live show, filling the dance floor with an all encompassing sound.



Written By: Pan Astral

all of the money is gone
your mom and daddy were wrong
all of the children play on
and all the money is gone

all of her springtime is gone
all of those magazines were wrong
her love remains so strong
and all her springtime is gone

Mary Can Dream

Written By: Pan Astral

wish upon a satellite
heaven feels so real tonight
between the stars and ocean floor
mary dreams of having more

we are freaks who have been set free by you

mary dreams in silver screens
projecting out for all to see
in the temple, upon the stage
mary can dream in jesus place


Pan Astral, "Pan Astral"