Panchito plays a solid, pulsating creation of Latin jazz and funk rhythms, always vividly exploring and being strung together with impeccable musicianship. So just pour yourself a long drink, play their music on full volume, relax and close your eyes and off you go to tropic paradise.


As a creation of guitarist/composer Andre van Berlo and drummer Joost Kroon, Panchito had its first rehearsals in the autumn of 1999. In the early days the group mostly played compositions of Paquito d'Rivera, Mario Bauza, Ray Barretto and Oscar Hernandez, which Andre arranged. It didn't take too long however, until their own compositions were integrated in their repertoire which, in combination with their various music backgrounds, make up the fundament of their energetic music.

Since then, Panchito has developed and created a new unique music style that is the synergy between Latin, Jazz, Symphonic Rock and Tango Nuevo. Performing the compositions of bandleader and guitar player Andre van Berlo, they create a great and balanced sound unlike anything else. The Jazzy Upbeat Latin Rock compositions with a taste of Miami swing are rejuvenating to the listener, shifting moods through subtle changes in melody and harmony, taking them to places they didn't even know existed. Existing of 10 members with an unlimited passion for music the band creates an impressive appearance and a great sound!

In 2006 Panchito recorded and released their first album named Resurreccion, which was more than just music, it was a music statement! Both public and critics have embraced this new sound that feels like a long awaited fresh breeze...
That became even more evident through the airplay they got on radio/music stations world wide(Canada, US, Colombia, Argentina, UK, Germany, Puerto Rico, Australia, etc etc..)


Resurreccion, released in 2006.

All tracks have airplay in the USA and other parts of the world.

Set List

Panchito is able to play from 1 to 4 sets of music.
Length of the sets is approximately 45 min.
When playing 3 or more sets length is reduced to 30-40 minutes per set.