Cumbia plus House plus Hip Hop is Raverton, its a way of live. Combining different world genres with House/electronica, Raverton expands minds into a Global mindset.


Panchitron is a Mexican Dj, who grew up in Los Angeles. Living in the City of Angels he became aware of his multi-cultural surroundings. Growing up with different music in his home it gave him the understanding of blend of sounds. Later he moves back to a small town in Zacatecas and starts his love affair with music. After receiving a Ghetto Blaster from his grandfather, he later begins his weekly visit to the record shop to purchase bootleg Cassettes of not only Hip Hop but Banda Sinaloense, Bossa Nova, House, Tango and Grunge. Living in a small boarding school he became aware of his talents with the guitar and piano. After 5 years of living in a boarding school he travels back to the Loans Star State to live in the Space City Houston. By living the culture of Souther Hip Hop, he also becomes aware of House music. Creating a Blend of Tropical Sounds with a heavy House influence Panchitron creates a sound to loose yourself too. The performances he gives are incredible not said by him but by veteran of the game Larry Tee, who has offered to work with him in his next EP. Influences from God Father of RAVERTON Toy Selectah, who he learns from eachday, Bloody Beetroots, Oro11, J-WOW, Porier Sound, Milkman, She's A Tease, Nguzunguzu and many more.

Panchitron ha Trabajado con
Toy Selectah (Mad Decent,Sonidero Nacional)
Uproot Andy (ZZK)
Geko Jones (Dutty Artz)
Maluca (Mad Decent)
Nguzunguzu (Mad Decent)
Waya Waya (SIcario)
Oro11 (Bersa Discos, ZZK)
Disco Shawn (Bersa Discos, Icee Hot, XLR8)
Cheif Boima (Dutty Artz, Ghetto Bassquake)
Kingdom (Fools Gold)
Paul Devro (Mad Decent)
Max Le Daron (Akawabba)
Orion (Raw Records,Peligrosa Crew)

Panchitron se ha resentado en

Los Angeles,
San Antonio
New York
and dates for 2011
Monterrey, MX
Mexico City
Sweden (Pending)


Who Killed Cumbia?!? EP
Knights of Pythias EP

Alicia Keys feat. Drake- Unthinkable (Raverton RMX) East Village Radio with The Fader Crew.

Tenochtitlan- University of Glasgow, Pos do Munde-(Barcelona)

Tembleque (Besta RMX)

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