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"Tropic All: Panchitrón Mixtape"

Cuando todo en la industria musical se enfoca sobre los eventos en vivo, en PanamériKa nos ponemos a pensar qué será de muchos productores, para los cuales la grabación es una vía de expresión vigente y un mecanismo de creatividad en sí misma. Nos encanta la nueva ola de la electrónica en México, cuyos exponentes encuentran los recovecos y las aristas con la música regional y perpetúan producciones que como grabación son igual de enriquecedoras que un live act. Muchos de estos talentos mexicanos ahorita se encuentran en una avanzada cada vez más amarrada y se han juntado en una disquera digital, cuyo lanzamiento está muy próximoTropic All: “El talento y el ingenio mexicanos hechos música”, dice su slogan.
Para que sepamos de quien se trata, aquí les va la cartera de talentos unificados en torno a Tropic All: Los Amparito, Los Macuanos, Bootlegumachine, Disque DJ, Beat Buffet, Acorde On, El hijo de la diabla, Malandro, María y José, Telésforo, Waya Waya, Panchitron y Pedro Infame.
Por lo pronto les dejamos un Mixtape y una descarga por cuenta de Panchitrón, desde Houston, Texas: house, raverton, tropical bass en una sola para ir calentando motores rumbo al lanzamiento de Tropic All. Aquí esta el Mixtape que nos ha entregado, la descarga sorpresa pueden encontrarla en el tracklist del Mixtape. - Red Bull Music academy

"Panchitron and much more from Houston!"

I first met Houston based producer Panchitron through a mutual friend. It was one night during my short lived tropical bass night errr experiment called AY AY AY . I learned then that he was serious and motivated and it was a wonderful thing to learn of. I think Houston of all the biggest cities in the USA has the least amount of dance music production come out of it, regardless of genre’s. I am not saying that there isn’t any production work here but it is very minimal compared to NYC, LA, Miami, Chicago. I don’t know what the reason is, but its fact. It could be do to the fact that Houston is probably 99% Hip Hop and 1% everything else, so that is what most people know about Houston music, we have some international Rap artists and producers oh and…. Beyonce. So lets get back to the man of the moment, Panchitron. I think there are very good things on the horizon for this guy, he has all kinds of unique sounds in his productions and he has an international flavor that is very appealing to a cross section of people and that’s always a good thing. Houston being the diverse city it is, is the perfect backdrop for these tunes, check out the song “Tenochtitlan” off of his new Ep ” Knights of Pythias! - Kollective Music

"Panchitron-Knights of Pythias EP"

Hay varios que me han preguntado por el track de "Tenochtitlan" de PANCHITRON, ahora que lo puedo compartir, sabran porque creo que es de lo mejor que he escuchado de su material, el cual viene incluido en este EP con sus nuevas producciones de Raverton y 3ball Guarachero. Y preparense, ya que pronto vendra a presentarse a varias ciudades de Mèxico. Te esperamos Panchi!.
A lot of people ask me about the "Tenochtitlan" track from PANCHITRON, now i can share it with you, find out why i believe is one of the best of his production material, among other tracks included in this brand new Raverton and 3ball Guarachero EP. Stay tune, he is going to have some gigs here in several Mèxico Clubs. We´ll be waiting for you Panchi!.
Beaucoup de personnes m'interrogent au sujet du "Tenochtitlan" track de PANCHITRON, maintenant je peux le partager avec vous, découvrir pourquoi je crois est un du meilleur de son matériel de production, entre d'autres tracks incluses à ce EP tout neuf de Raverton et de 3ball Guarachero. Restez l'air, il va avoir quelques gigs ici dans les plusieurs Mèxico Villes. Nous vous attende Panchi !.
?????????" Tenochtitlan" ?PANCHITRON???,??????????,???????????????????,??????Raverton?3ball Guarachero EP?????????? ????,????????????Mèxico Citys? ???Panchi! - BOOTLEGUMACHINE!

"Remix Sunday 148"

Dreams- Either we have no dreams or our dreams are interesting. We should learn to arrange our waking life the same way: nothing or interesting. - Palms Out Sound


It’s a 5 track EP soaking in Electro-Tinged 80’s flava’s with a Cumbia Pop sensibility. It also touches upon Cumbia R & B but is mostly aimed squarely for the D-Floor.

He’s given it to Generation Bass to offer to all you Cumbia Freaks for FREE and so grab it and play it out, include it in your mixes and pass it around. - Generation Bass

"New Releases"

So I thinks it’s the summer of production with all the new awesomeness i’m getting in my inbox. I have a couple dope things for you so sit tight.
First up, our man Panchitron from San Antonio. I have no artwork or tracklisting but here’s the download link:
Knights of Pythias EP download link - The Raw Blog


Who Killed Cumbia?!? EP
Knights of Pythias EP

Alicia Keys feat. Drake- Unthinkable (Raverton RMX) East Village Radio with The Fader Crew.

Tenochtitlan- University of Glasgow, Pos do Munde-(Barcelona)

Tembleque (Besta RMX)

all songs in



Panchitron is a Mexican Dj, who grew up in Los Angeles. Living in the City of Angels he became aware of his multi-cultural surroundings. Growing up with different music in his home it gave him the understanding of blend of sounds. Later he moves back to a small town in Zacatecas and starts his love affair with music. After receiving a Ghetto Blaster from his grandfather, he later begins his weekly visit to the record shop to purchase bootleg Cassettes of not only Hip Hop but Banda Sinaloense, Bossa Nova, House, Tango and Grunge. Living in a small boarding school he became aware of his talents with the guitar and piano. After 5 years of living in a boarding school he travels back to the Loans Star State to live in the Space City Houston. By living the culture of Souther Hip Hop, he also becomes aware of House music. Creating a Blend of Tropical Sounds with a heavy House influence Panchitron creates a sound to loose yourself too. The performances he gives are incredible not said by him but by veteran of the game Larry Tee, who has offered to work with him in his next EP. Influences from God Father of RAVERTON Toy Selectah, who he learns from eachday, Bloody Beetroots, Oro11, J-WOW, Porier Sound, Milkman, She's A Tease, Nguzunguzu and many more.

Panchitron ha Trabajado con
Toy Selectah (Mad Decent,Sonidero Nacional)
Uproot Andy (ZZK)
Geko Jones (Dutty Artz)
Maluca (Mad Decent)
Nguzunguzu (Mad Decent)
Waya Waya (SIcario)
Oro11 (Bersa Discos, ZZK)
Disco Shawn (Bersa Discos, Icee Hot, XLR8)
Cheif Boima (Dutty Artz, Ghetto Bassquake)
Kingdom (Fools Gold)
Paul Devro (Mad Decent)
Max Le Daron (Akawabba)
Orion (Raw Records,Peligrosa Crew)

Panchitron se ha resentado en

Los Angeles,
San Antonio
New York
and dates for 2011
Monterrey, MX
Mexico City
Sweden (Pending)