"Rio Samaya" Pancho and Sal
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"Rio Samaya" Pancho and Sal

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada | SELF

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada | SELF
Band Latin Folk


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"'A rush of love' writes Pancho & Sal's songs"

Their love story is as wonderful as the music they perform together.

Pancho and Sal Pace make up the duo, Pancho & Sal, and they take to the stage during the Steveston Folk Guild concert this Thursday, May 5.

The two met in 1984 in a town square in Cuzco, Peru.

As if pulled out of the pages of a Harlequin romance novel, their eyes met from across the square, and as they moved towards each other both knew it was love at first sight. It was also the beginning of a musical partnership that has spanned the world and has endeared the couple to many an audience.

Pancho is the lead singer/songwriter/musician and Sal is a singer/accordion player and instrumentalist, and she quips: "his muse."

"I inspire his songs," she says with a laugh.

Pancho writes in the centuries-old tradition of his Spanish roots and blends it with folk, country, reggae, Peruvian and Mexican influences.

His words, however, are pure sentiments of love.

"It's a rush of love that inspires my lyrics," explains Pancho. "I get an image of how I see love, I write them and then the lyrics build up into a romantic song.

"Or sometimes the song comes in a flash. We will be driving and a song just pops to my head."

Sal interjects: "It's not necessarily the romantic love that he writes about but more about his philosophy of life, the positive aspects, which he writes about with love."

Many, if not most, songs are sung in Spanish; however, Sal shares the meaning of the songs with the audience. (Pancho speaks French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Swedish and English).

"Spanish is Pancho's signature, it's his style, and it's also his mother tongue," says Sal.

"Spanishsounds so romantic, it's a seductive language."Even a sad song in Spanish sounds happy."

In fact, that translation motivated a new way to perform some of his songs. "I sing some of the translations in English while performing certain songs and the audience loves it," says Sal.

Their second CD, Cuando Salga La Luna (When the Moon Comes Up) is a beautiful compilation of 12 songs that make you want to move and sway. Amongst the pieces is an instrumental song, Otro de Charango, played with the Charango, the bombo, the cha chas and the shaker. The result is powerful enough to transport you to Spanish clubs.

Born in Argentina to Italian parents, Pancho began writing poems as a youngster. In his early 20s, he moved to Europe and began touring as a troubadour-style musician. He even did a stint performing with gypsies in the South of France, where he created a new facet of flamenco guitar and rhythms.

Sal was born in England and raised in Vancouver. She started playing accordion and clarinet at an early age.

Together for more than two decades now, they are so in tune with each other they don't even write a song list prior to a concert.

"While we perform one song another expresses itself and we both know which song the audience will want," says Sal.

They recently returned from a one-year stint in Rome, Italy where their daughter, Ja Pace, was undergoing treatment for a rare blood disorder called beta thalassemia. While there they performed at various venues and restaurants around the city of romance.

It also encouraged new tunes -- some incredibly emotional, given what they were going through with their daughter.

"In Italy, I did write some songs and I will be singing one or two of them at the concert, Thursday night," says Pancho, adding they have four children ranging from 24 to 17. They have produced two CD's and another compilation of original songs to be released later this year.

"This CD was inspired by a red flamenco guitar," says Pancho. "This CD will feature music similar to the Gypsy Kings genre."

During Thursday's concert, the duo will perform an eclectic blend of Latin music from all over South America. Bombos, cha chas, the quena (a South American flute), guitar and charango are just some of the instruments you will hear. Join them for an entertaining evening of tunes sung in Spanish, English and French (with translations).

"We will also revive some beautiful classic Spanish love songs such as Spanish Eyes, Cielito Lindo and La Paloma," says Sal. "Expect a tour around the world in around 90 minutes.

"Music feeds the heart, and for us, it's the most enjoyable thing to bring our music to an audience."

Once again, the Steveston Folk Guild welcomes Pancho & Sal on Thursday, May 15 at 7:30 p.m. in the Murukami Boathouse, Britannia Heritage Shipyard, 5180 Westwater Dr.
Come and let the music seduce you.

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- Michelle Hopkins, Richmond News

"Two precious stones.."

From the treasure trove which that is, Vancouver's world music community comes another gem. Actually, two precious stones, which resonate harmonically when, placed together.
Call it physics or just simple mutual attraction, whatever force brought Pancho & Sal together created a compelling and gentle sound.

On their second independent release, 'Cuando Salga La Luna ...' or '(When The Moon Comes Up) ...', the duo captures the instinctive chemistry which has endeared them to their live audiences. It is essentially a live recording, using overdubs to merely flesh out the arrangements rather than to build the musical foundation.
The result is an almost fragile, innocent beauty reflected in 12 Latin American and Mediterranean-influenced songs. It suits the material too. These are simple songs expressing simple emotions of love and joy.

Check out the Spanish sung and English spoken-word translation call and response of the title track or my personal favorite featuring a little TexMex electric guitar added to the traditional acoustic and charango on' The Answer To Your Letter', and see what happens when you hit play, the next time "When the moon comes up".
Cal Koat
96.1 FM, The World & Am 1470, CJVB
Fairchild Radio, Vancouver

- Cal Koat

"All Star Latin.."

"Trout Forest Music Festival 2001" Ear Falls - Ontario...

Romaniuk's other highlight was Saturday night's all-star Latin workshop featuring Pancho and Sal taking an enthusiastic dancing crowd through a musical tour of the South and Latin Americas featuring Tim Butler and Wendell Fergunson on dueling lead guitars, Wayne Posnick on bass, Henry Zacharias on percussion, Matthew Moskalyk on drums, Terry Stone on sax and a surprise visit by Winnipegger Richard Moody on Viola.
Without any rehearsal (though the artists practiced the tunes from a CD Pancho & Sal send to them) a cross-section of festival performers gelled and blew the crowd away..

There was a beautiful aura coming from Pancho and Sal, that groove, the happiness, those major chords. The band just got together to play the music but they had the electricity... enthused children's entertainer Jake Chenier

The Miner & News - Ontario
- The Miner & News - Ontario

"Kindred spirits melded through Latin harmony"

By Alex Browne
Arts Reporter
May 10 2005

Pancho and Sal

Their story couldn't be more romantic - or their music more upbeat.
Pancho and Sal's eyes first met across a crowded plaza in Peru 21 years ago. Their life together has been a musical adventure since.

Dancing to their music is very informal, Sal hastened to add.
"A lot of people think Latin rhythm and think it's salsa and get intimidated," she said.
"This isn't salsa. There are no 'steps'. If you feel the music, you're already dancing to it. It's not about the steps."

There's a great deal of serenity and infectious joy in the music of Pancho and Sal which has connected with audiences all over the world.
A lot of authentic Latin American feel comes from the original compositions and musical heritage of Pancho, who was born in San Jorge, a small town in Argentina.
He was in his mid 20s when wanderlust hit him.
"I made the big decision to see the world and be a citizen of the planet," he said.

The notion of travelling predated his becoming a troubadour, according to Sal. Although he had a guitar with him, and he played a little, he had no thought of becoming a musician until, penniless in Paris, he started busking. He found he could keep himself employed by playing and singing, and his travels took him all over Europe, including southern France, where he encountered flamenco music of gypsies.

Sal complements Pancho's songs with her vocals and guitar, translations of the original Spanish lyrics, and her expertise with percussion such as shakers, chachas and bombo.
Born in Bristol, England, Sal emigrated to Canada with her family when she was three. She shares Argentinian roots with Pancho; her mother, in fact, was born there.
"I was travelling to Argentina to look up my roots, since I still had my grandmother and an uncle there," she said.
"Pancho was on his way back to Europe after a return visit to Argentina. Our paths happened to cross...in Cuzco, Peru.
"It was love at first sight and 21 years later we're still together," Sal said.
She didn't have an extensive musical background when she met Pancho. She'd played clarinet and accordion a little, but soon realized "if we were going to be together, I'd have to be part of the act."

They married in Argentina and travelled Europe playing music. Shortly after they married, they started to have their three children - but continued to tour with them.
A decade ago they decided to settle in B.C. to give the children stability during high school, and that curtailed travelling although they kept busy appearing in B.C. festivals.

The Peninsula connection has remained strong through In Harmony appearances and collaborations with local bands.

"The people who are playing with us are dear friends-great musicians and great people"

"Everybody's playing from the heart."

- By Alex Browne



"Vivirei" -I Would live-
"Cuando Salga la Luna", -When the Moon comes up-
"Revivir" -To Live Again-
"El Regalo" -The Gift-

Website: http://www.panchoandsal.com
Videos: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B7x0HqwLAEA
My Space: http://www.myspace.com/panchoandsal



Artist Information


The exciting news is Pancho and Sal have created "The Rio Samaya Band", with the concept and project to tour the world like a duo and build up the band joining with local musicians using the Rio Samaya Band signature. Rio Samaya Band has already debuted with incredibly talented musicians in Beijing, Tunisia and most recently in their home town, Vancouver.
Pancho and Sal (Rio and Samaya) are ready to go anywhere in the world to play for you.

Rio, (Pancho) and Samaya (Sal) are based in Vancouver, Canada.

Born in San Jorge, Argentina, Pancho wrote poems from a young age. He moved to Europe to follow his dreams of playing the guitar and sharing his songs with the world. After touring in many countries, he became a troubadour style musician in the 80's in Sweden.

Playing with Gypsies in the South of France, he learned rumbas and flamenco. His compositions reflect these influences of flamenco and other folk rhythms. After years of exchange with other musicians, his original music has a wide diversity of styles.

Sal, who was born in England and raised in Canada, met Pancho in Cuzco, Peru, and from then on together as a family and musical duo have established a name for themselves. Sal compliments the music with her vocals, accordion, shakers, chachas, bombo and guitar.

They have a unique poetic style of translating simultaneously from Spanish to English.

You can enjoy Pancho and Sal at Folk Festivals, Community Centers, schools, restaurants, dance shows, concerts in the parks and numerous other events.

Watch YouTube videos at www.panchoandsal.com

About Pancho & Sal's highlights

( Google "Pancho and Sal", you will find other appearances not posted here)

French and English radios:

CBC, 96.1, 102.7, 103.1 FM's, 1540 Am,


Global, City TV, Multicultural channel 20,

Mission Folk Festival, Harrison Festival of Arts,
In Harmony Music Fest, Trout Forest,
Caribbean Festival , North Van Folk Fest,
Blue Mountain, Point Roberts Festival, Harmony West Vancouver,
Camp Alexandra Fest, Latin Sumer Festival..


Commodore Ballroom, Wise Hall, Chilliwack Shows, Penticton and
many more in the interior of British Columbia and Vancouver Island..

Pancho and Sal also do presentations with bands from 3 up to 12 musicians, mixing all sorts of ethnic, acoustic, electronic and percussion instruments.

Pancho- Flamenco, Acoustic and electric Guitars, Charango, Quena, Traverse flutes, Harmonica, Drum and hand percussion.
Sal- Accordion, Guitar, Bombo Drum, Shakers and other hand percussion instruments.


"Vivirei" -I Would live-
"Cuando Salga la Luna", -When the Moon comes up-
"Revivir" -To Live Again-
"El Regalo" -The Gift-

Website: http://www.panchoandsal.com
Videos: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B7x0HqwLAEA
My Space: http://www.myspace.com/panchoandsal