Pancho & the Contraband

Pancho & the Contraband

 Council Bluffs, Iowa, USA

We sort of sound like racoons fighting over a rotten corndog on a stinky summer night, or those plastic fish that sing Don't Worry Be Happy when you walk past them at K-Mart.

The recordings we have available are from a live show at the Waiting Room and some basement tracks still in the works.


We've been floating in and around the Missouri since we were tots. Sangin songs, slapping our feet in the mud and pounding on old logs just to past the time.


Lewis Township 93' - It's Christmas Time, Grab Your Guns.
Westhills Churchgroup - Satan Watches You Pee
Uncle Ted's 50th Birthday Bash - Who Ate All the Cake?
Logan Showchoir 2003 - Sequin Nipples
China Buffet Grand Opening - It's How We Woll, It's What We Like