Panda and Child

Panda and Child


Panda and Child is a six piece indie rock frenzy, featuring the standard rock n' roll instrumentation with flutes, accordions, synths, keys, noise-makers, and trumpets. With influences ranging from Rancid to Fugazi to Sonic Youth to Judith Butler readings, "Panda" is best described as "eclectic".


Panda and Child began playing in 2005, when a handful of friends migrated from the fertile Midwest to the history paved streets of New England. There they established a new home, met and connected with new friends and comrades, and gave creative birth to Panda and Child.


About Work

Written By: Deric Shannon

And he looked at me like he was disappointed in his employee.

He wants me to work.

But I've got other things I want to do.

I wanna live. I wanna die. I wanna waste my time.

I wanna make time fly.

Twice is Nice

Written By: Panda and Child

v1. When we first met you said I was the one. But it turned out that I was just for fun.

Please believe me, I'm for real. That I don't want your corporate appeal.

v2. Taped up tits and zombie radio. Life is just a television show.

Please believe me I'm for real. Emotion's a thing that you can't feel.

Take my soul away!


"It Ain't Rocket Surgery" (EP--Wooden Man Records, Summer 2007)

"We Must Avoid these Dangers" (Full length--Wooden Man Records, forthcoming fall of 2008)

Set List

Typically all originals. Sets usually last around thirty minutes--short and sweet, bu we can play longer on request.