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"Review 1"

Intelligent indie-rock is an increasingly rare commodity, but Panda Kopanda have tapped into a rich vein, this glimmering ore is smelted into the superb songs on 'The Ocean of Fire E.P.' ... their songs are wonderful acts of musical misdirection, they feint one way before swerving to land the devastating blow. With a surfeit of ideas at their disposal Panda Kopanda have commandeered the audience’s attention for the duration, an impressive achievement. - BBC - Across The Line

"Review 2"

The Ocean of Fire EP is a fine example of quirky indie; a five-track taster of a band for whom the DIY ethos has become a way of life. Opener About My Temper is a standout , it has jarring guitars, sombre tones and Reid's gorgeous, hushed vocals - just the right side of offbeat menace. Both Ocean of Fire and Spiderwebs in Empty Homes swap subtle experimentation for sparse instrumentation and tenuous harmonies, while Open Ground swings loosely and darkly through a swathe of disquiet. An impressive effort.



The Letting Go EP (Howl Records, 2005); CD included the video for 'Letting Go', available to view on YouTube.

The Ocean Of Fire EP (Cableattack, 2006); CD included the video for 'About My Temper', also available on YouTube.



'The Letting Go EP' (2005, Howl Records) introduced Panda Kopanda to the world at large and earned them glowing reviews from all corners, as well as radio airplay across Ireland, the UK and Europe. NME described the EP as 'a bruised and heartfelt twist on indie music'.

The band's second DIY offering, 'The Ocean Of Fire EP' (2006 Cableattack!! Records), sees them develop their sound with five brutally sincere, wonderfully catchy examples of angular indie pop, and looks set to cement their status as front runners in Belfast's rejuvenated music scene.

Panda Kopanda's main asset is the amalgamation of the diverse and contrasting strengths of each of its four individual members. Lead singer and founder, Gavin Reid, provides the heart of the songwriting for the band as well as the energetic focus for their live shows. Bassist John Mills inventively handles the more technical aspects of the process - recording, mixing and mastering the EP (also making the video for 'About My Temper'). Brothers Jonny and David Agnew were brought up within the classical tradition (playing cello and violin respectively on the Ocean Of Fire EP), and consequently approach indie music from a very different slant. Jonny's understated vocal harmonies have become one of Panda Kopanda's most recognisable trademarks and his versatility sees him flit between vocal duties, guitar, synth and cello. David's somewhat scholarly approach to percussion ensures that he is one of the most innovative and compelling drummers on the circuit.

The DIY ethos has become very much a way of life for Panda Kopanda, as they continuously record and experiment in their chaotic home studio, and frequently take to the highways of Ireland and the UK in their battered Volvo estate. In addition, the band’s personal approach to their fans through their own website and the ever-expanding Myspace has seen them build up a diverse and loyal fanbase in the likes of Malaysia, Mexico and New Zealand, as well as the more usual outposts of Europe, USA and Japan.

Following the release of The Ocean Of Fire EP, and in between touring commitments, Panda Kopanda will begin recording their, as yet untitled, debut album.