An awesome live band; energetic, cohesive, powerful. A metal-influenced, classic rock band, effortlessly taking on a 70's sound with fresh, unique, exciting, radio-friendly songs. HUGE stage presence, and the guys and chix dig it. Blows the doors off of every band before and after.


Pandamonia was formerly a 3 piece metal band. When guitarist BLAKK's drummer brother quit, Sherrie Lea along with Blakk started writing tunes that immediately caught the public's attention.

With many compliments and good reviews, the duo knew they had something GREAT. After recently finding the perfect line up with bass player Colin Clarke and child prodigy (15 year old girl) drummer Alona Brodsky, Pandamonia is ready to take the music world by storm.

There is nothing that sounds like them: a metal-influenced, classic rock band, combined with a charting artist Sherrie Lea (formerly dance and R & B) effortlessly taking on a 70's sound with fresh, unique exciting songs. Everyone is talking about them and they were recently listed as number 3 top artist in for unsigned acts.

They are currently preparing for a non-profit U.S. tour, the first of its kind, to raise awareness and funds for the Moon Bears of Asia, and the animal shelters adversely affected by Hurricane Katrina.


Rock Steady

Written By: Pandamonia

I lost everything for a one night fling
but I'm still standing.
it aint easy to be me, with all these haunting memories.
ooh being without you babe
oo ooh ohh so here's what I'm gonna do.

I'm gonna rock steady
whatever gets me thru the night
rock steady til the break of morning light.

cause you don't know what you're losing and you can keep me down
but I wont stay there for too long now
cause everyone knows I messed up and how I lost control
so baby why don't you come on home

ooooh being without you babe
ooo ooo oo here's what I'm going to do.
Rock steady etc.

Bad Seed

Written By: Pandamonia

You're like a wild tree blowin
I never know if I'm coming or going
now your love's falling from your leaves and down and down I go

* pre chorus
Hit me up
give it all you got
lay it on the line

Bad Seed Bad Seed
all you sow is lust and need
all you grow is an ache in me
like a bad, bad seed

I don't know how to rest
when the wind feels like your caress,
you don't know nothing bout tenderness, you hang me out to dry

I'll give ya up
can't get enough
entangled in your vine
bad seed bad seed
all you sow is lust in need
all you grow is an ache in me
like a bad bad seed

NOTE: you may see a video to this song at


Left to the Wide Open.
Karved in Metal
Sherrie Lea's Spellbound

and on Skateboard TV, Japanese TV
several compilations all over the world

Set List

we like 30 - 45 minute sets.
always leave em wanting more attitude
a set would be

Rock Steady
Crazy on You (Heart cover)
Bad Seed (see video on
Hollywood Nights (our single remake)
Needle in the Vein
Lowest of the Low (about the book Marilyn Monroe returns about our singer)
voodoo you do
whole lotta love
pull me under

*other originals are Livin' on the Edge, Keep Ur Love Alive. Breakaway L.A