Flashback to Heart, Led Zep, Floyd, The Police and arena Rock. Mix in some pop, Eurthymics style, time warp to 2008, you've got PANDAMONIA. Sherrie Lea, powerhouse vocals, Blakk, heavy metal guitar hero with Page/Gilmour skills and the most powerful drummer on earth, George Harrison! Look out world!


Watched by millions on international tv and front page news, they put that press to good use by working hard on the front lines for Animal Rights. What better way to speak up than through Marshall Stacks turned to 11. Pandamonia sound and play like the classic rock legends they are compared to Pandamonia are very rock and roll and punk spirited, making breaking down doors and barriers as easy as breaking equipment on stage. (upon request)
Musical genius', multi instrumentalists and asskickers, their sets get the party started and keep it movin' all night long.
Influences are The Police, Heart, Zep, Floyd, Bad Company, Bob Marley, Metallica, Megadeth, Sex Pistols, Flight of the Conchords, Spinal Tap.

Rockin and lookin out for the little guy!


Rock Steady

Written By: Sherrie Lea


I lost everything
For that one night fling
But I’m still standing

It ain’t easy to be me
With all those haunting memories
Oooohhh being without you babe
Oooh ohhh so here’s what I gotta do…

I stand here losing everything
I had it all and didn’t know
I had it all and gave it away
Oh being without you baby
Oooh ooh here’s what I’m going to do
Rock steady whatever gets me thru the night
Rock steady til the break of morning light

Cause you don’t know what you’re losing and you can keep me down
But I won’t stay there for too long now, no
And everyone knows I messed up and how I lost control
But baby you need to come on home

Oh being without you baby
Oooh ooh here’s what I’m going to do
Rock steady whatever gets me thru the night
Rock steady til the break of morning light

Oooooo What can I do
Without you
Im so blue
Ooo Oooo Ooo Here’s what I’ll do
Without you
I’m gonna rock Steady
Get me thru the night
Get me thru the night
Can’t stand losing you, (get me thru the night)
Can’t stand losing you ( so I’ll rock steady)

3 Letter Word

Written By: Sherrie Lea


Don’t feel like much
And maybe even less, whenever you’re around
These broken wings and busted everything on
A spiral to the ground

I used to fly so high
And everything would be alright

Now you make me wanna cry
you make me wanna cry
For you!

Wanna hold me down
Keep me even smaller still
No, you won’t let me be me. Will You?
Had the tightest grip
But now I’m losing it
And you just stand and watch me bleed (watch me bleed)

(Solo out)

No Ordinary Love

Written By: Sherrie Lea

Pandamonia and Sherrie release more tracks for tv and radio. Proceeds
go to our animal friends.

I gave you all the love I got and gave all that I could give
gave you love
I gave you all that I had inside and you
took my love
you took my love
Didn't I tell you
what I believe
did somebody say that
a love like that wont last
didn't I give you all that I got to
give baby.

Yeah, I did.

Needle In The Vein

Written By: Laird, Papp, Harrison

10. Needle in the vein Time: 4:00

I remember when we used to
Sit and hang around
And no matter who would try to
Couldn’t break us down
And we promised we would stay that way somehow
(pre chorus)
Now I’m left here to remain
Play it over in my brain
Saw you laying in the rain
Needle in your vein

I lost you today when your heart went away
The life that we planned never said ‘the end’
And I know that you tried
But it burns deep inside and I’d walk thru the flame if you’ll come back again

Life is hard you get that one shot
To make it right
You think you’re strong but you are trembling inside
(pre chorus)

bet you never seen it coming life has a way
and like the ocean rolling over you it just takes you away
and though my hand is reaching out to you,
it’s hell that you see,
but the heaven that you’re running to is too
far from me

(chorus) adlibs

VooDoo U Do

Written By: Laird, Papp, Harrison

04. VOODOO U DO Time: 3:16

You don't know how I feel
And the profound effect you have on me, ohh yeah now baby
ohhhh....brings me to my knees

Never had a touch so true
or eyes that burn right thru me
you act like you don't care bout' all you're doin’ to me,
you keep it on the low,
got my heart on over load, oh, oh ohhh
Now the spell that I'm under, I lose control
Rocks me to my soul
Cast a spell on me
brings me to my knees baby, baby pleassssseeeee

I lose all space and time, you're
just about to blow my mind oh oh yeah
Now the spell that I'm under, lose control
rocks me to my very soul
baby please..I want, to get you,
all alone tonight
and show you how I'm, gonna make you mine all mine, with your sweet love, so true, so deep inside, and it's all good, so
damn good all of the time

Lowest of the Low

Written By: Laird, Papp, Harrison

09. Lowest of the Low Time: 2:25

I gave it my all to make it right,
What came back to me is no surprise
I always hear what you’re saying from behind your closed minds
Want the world to be together never asked to live forever
Oh no now that you know
I’m not a movie star I’m the lowest of the low
Oh no it didn’t get me far
You think I’ll steal your car
Cause I’m the lowest of the low

I thought I could leave it all behind
Can’t even go back in time
Got my own life now to live it now would be a crime
But they, they don’t care what you’ll be or are
They only want shining stars
To make it better, can’t live forever, it’s now or never
I wanna break free to chase all my dreams
Life aint what it seems
You think I’m nothing but I will live on



Sherrie Lea charting internationally with top world DJ's with dance mixes. No Ordinary Love, Spellbound, Nothing Better Than Life.
Pandamonia has airplay with Bad Seed, Cry, RockSteady from album

Available on ITUNES....proceeds go to touring for animal rights and boycotts.

Set List

Bad Seed
Voodoo U Do
Can't Stand Losing You,
Ready for Love,
Alright Now,
Bad Seed
Voodoo U Do
Bring on the Night
something from the top 40
some retro 80's
like Psychedelic Furs
Britney spears for some fun.