Panda Riot

Panda Riot

 Chicago, Illinois, USA

Totally rad collage of ghostly vocals, dance-y drums (real and otherwise), dub-y bass lines and blurry guitars.


Recorded in an old factory in Chicago, Northern Automatic Music marks a new development in Panda Riot’s sound. With the addition of drummer, José Rodriguez, the dance-laden drum machine beats of their previous recordings have a new weight and power. While maintaining a melodic focus, this record creates a darker vibe that is simultaneously haunting and euphoric. A collage of ghostly vocals, dance-y drums, dub-y bass lines and blurry guitars, the record evokes nighttime, UFOs, and pyramids in the sky.

Panda Riot formed in Philadelphia while Brian Cook and Rebecca Scott were working on short films. Soundtracks turned into songs and Panda Riot was born. After moving to Chicago, they expanded the band and in 2011 dropped the Far and Near EP. They recently released their new full length record in 2013, Northern Automatic Music on Saint Marie Records (US), Vinyl Junkie (Japan) and White Wabbit (Taiwan).

Current members:
Brian Cook (guitar, drum machine)
Rebecca Scott (keyboards & voice)
Cory Osborne (bass)
José Alejandro Rodriguez (drums)

Have played...

NYC Popfest 2011
New England Popfest 2010
Athens Popfest 2009

Have played with School of Seven Bells, Spectrum/Sonic Boom (spacemen 3) and Friends (NYC)


Panda Riot - Northern Automatic Music (2013)
Panda Riot - Amanda in the Clouds Flexi (2013)
Panda Riot - Serious Radical Girls 7" (2012)
Panda Riot - Far and Near ep (2010)
Panda Riot - She Dares All Things (2008)

Set List

30-45 minutes. Songs include: Art School Girls of Doom, The Jesus Demeanor, Suspense Kiss, Olivia on the Downbeat, Plateau, She Dares All Things, White Elephants, Stars like Flowers at Night, When I Said/When You Said, Marker, Julie in time, motown glass, streetlights and you and me.