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monorail review Midwest Record

PANDA TRANSPORT/Monorail: Breezy contemporary take on sunshine pop that is a delightful dose of aural cotton candy and is just what you need in the headphones when the palette needs clearing. Nothing to sink your teeth into that won’t disappear into the ether and that’s what makes it so much fun. A proper antidote to the current times, the only gripe is that it’s only an ep. Clear the decks and let this make you smile. - Midwest Record 2009


We don’t cover many EPs…and we only do so when something really impresses us. As such, you can draw your own conclusions about Monorail. Panda Transport is the duo consisting of Kathy Compton and Thierry Holweck who created the band in 2006 after hooking up with one another on the internet. This is the follow-up to the duo’s well-received debut album (Plush Mechanique). The Monorail EP features six cool, dreamy, free-flowing modern pop tracks. Panda Transport songs are direct and to-the-point…and feature some wonderfully groovy, warm keyboard sounds…as well as some rather fantastic subdued vocals. The more we spin this one…the better it sounds. Cool cuts include “Monorail,” “Saint’s Revel,” and “Dark Horse.” - Babysue


So they plugged in, turned on & alakazam wonderous music!!!!!! They were so good, so sweet, so darn good! I’m still smiling…really. - NME

"more club-friendly take on Air."

Kathy Compton’s breathy melodies and sassy song-writing float pleasantly
over Thierry Holweck’s warm digital textures and live instrumentation. Though
it certainly isn’t bland, it sometimes brings to mind a more club-friendly take on Air. - The Onion

"The Inrocks"

Recently mentioned in Trax, the show dedicated to counter-culture on ARTE, the Lyonnaise band Panda Transport, offer itself another new broadcast on TV. Their track “Transmission”, will be broadcast 5 February 2009 in the latest episode of the American Serial “Grey’s Anatomy” on USA Network ABC. 3 minutes of the finale, will now be cult surgery and romance in the country of pandas. Go and discover their delicate world spiced with an electronic touch. - JD Beauvallet


-On The Play it again Sam compilation featuring Panda Transport’s Love Will Tear US Apart

Le Peuple de l’Herbe with many friends, the second part of its compilation Dope
Beats rakes in the broad panorama of Lyon. 2 tracks also come from
Brazil- the time a parenthesis disco-punk shaken by the unstoppable low of
Smagas. Then return to the casa, closer to the slopes, where they discovered
a Agoria under perf ‘Basic channnel, remixed by DJ Chicken Flore, and an
umpteenth reprise of “love will tear us apart” by Panda Transport, the
dissonances electronica. - Stephanie Lopez

"Big Stereo"

Panda Transport seems to be the perfect soundtrack for me as i’m curled up
on my couch…Their mélange of electronic and natural instrumentation help
them fit in with the likes of the Chromatics, Glass Candy, Thievery
corporation. - Big Stereo


The music of Panda Transport is extremely unique, experimental dance pop with a taste of lounge and noise. The duo combines electronic sound with live instruments and a cerebral lyrical style. “Paint by Numbers” is an addictive, pop dance tune with pretty vocals by Kathy Compton, and “Back to School” has an interesting experimental dance beat combined with ethereal vocal harmonies. “Devil in Me” is an ultra-modern lounge song with a beat box beat, while “Transmission” will enchant you with its captivatingly beautiful melody. “Le Voile” is a jazzy love song with an alluring beat and a seductive flute solo. The intriguing, “La Fin du Prince Charles,” has a melody that is slightly reminiscent of the 80’s hit, “99 Luftballoons.” Thierry Holweck sings on “Faith,” which is perhaps the most radio-friendly track. It has an infectious hook and melody and a crazy breakdown with unconventional sounds and whistling. The largely instrumental, “Chapeau,” has an electro-funk beat juxtaposed against a Depeche Mode-influenced intermezzo. On “Cosy,” Ms. Compton raps about the story of a man who just wanted to be “cozy and luxuriously warm,” while a robot voice adds on the chorus that all he wanted was to “die laughing.” The noisy dance track, “Wanted,” which is remixed by Frank Cavet, posseses a full haunting melody and sound. The album also contains a techno remix of “Paint by Numbers” by Bart Thissen and an experimental/noise remix of “Transmission” by The Noise Affinity. Interesting sound! -


-EP - Monorail 2009 (alpinechic/europe kinderlust/usa JUST RELEASED!!!!!
LP- Plush Mechanique 2008 (alpinechic) "Transmission" featured on GREY'S ANATOMY
-Compilation Philippe Petit and Friends 2009 (Bip-Hop) with: Eugene S. Robinson, Lydia Lunch..
-Compilation "I-chic" 2008 (alpinechic)
-Compilation "le Peuple de L'Herbe" 2007 (cover of "Love will tear us apart" Top 5 Radio single France Inter)



short version:

“Wondrous music!!!!!! They were so good, so sweet, so darn good! I’m still smiling…really.” -NME

What happens when an American woman runs head on into a Frenchman &
musical worlds collide? Sultry tones crash boom into electronic Lo-Fi
ambiance. What happens is Panda Transport. Comprised of Kathy Compton &
Thierry Holweck, these 2 culture-clash joyfully into "Monorail "- the
follow-up of their breakthrough debut, "Plush Mechanique", featured on
"Grey's Anatomy".
"Monorail" is FUN to listen to, a six song mini holiday into their
sound. Acoustic & Electric, spontaneous yet impeccably produced, retro
pop tinges with futuristic production, it's a triumph of the moment,
U.S. & European sensibilities combined into a fantastique creation that
is Panda Transport. The songs are immediate, personal & poppy while
retaining the curious experimentation & playfulness so often edited out
in today's music.


“Wondrous music!!!!!! They were so good, so sweet, so darn good! I’m still smiling…really.” -NME

Plush Mechanique defines the Panda Transport sound - a melange of electronic and natural instrumentation utilizing vocal harmonies, theremin, flute, vocoder, wooden and wired guitars, handmade percussion, synths and a trolley full of toys and light! A bit more natural sunlight than well- placed studio lighting; it is human music for human people.

Panda Transport was conceived in September of 2007 by Kathy Compton and Thierry Holweck. After meeting and becoming friends via the Information Super Highway, pen pal style, they began work in earnest to record material for the debut album, Plush Mechanique.

Kathy wanted to be a pussycat, a witch, or an astronaut; Thierry, alone in a boat or a shepherd in the Alps. She became a chanteuse and writer of jazz and pop; he, a punk electro-experimental musician and virtual faders master. They are polar opposites drawn together by their shared desire to explore the unknown. Their meeting was a twist of fate; their musical creation is a twist of cultures, experiences, influences and personalities.

A by-product of the global village, Panda Transport creates music where jazz phrasing, coupled with engaging melodies is set within a soundscape of harmony and fleeting sounds; astral lounge. Their passion for Voyaging remains central to their bi-continental lifestyle, most compositions being created on the road in Europe or The States, in yurts and ancient silk factories, utilizing a dilapidated laptop with its organs busting out.