Panda Transport FRANCE/USA

Panda Transport FRANCE/USA


panda transport's single "transmission" featured on GREY'S ANATOMY. one reviewer calls Panda Transport "cool, dreamy, free-flowing modern pop" a cross between zero7, Air, Nouvelle Vague, Beach house and Bird and the Bee. the genre: pop electronica utilizing natural instrumentation


short version:

“Wondrous music!!!!!! They were so good, so sweet, so darn good! I’m still smiling…really.” -NME

What happens when an American woman runs head on into a Frenchman &
musical worlds collide? Sultry tones crash boom into electronic Lo-Fi
ambiance. What happens is Panda Transport. Comprised of Kathy Compton &
Thierry Holweck, these 2 culture-clash joyfully into "Monorail "- the
follow-up of their breakthrough debut, "Plush Mechanique", featured on
"Grey's Anatomy".
"Monorail" is FUN to listen to, a six song mini holiday into their
sound. Acoustic & Electric, spontaneous yet impeccably produced, retro
pop tinges with futuristic production, it's a triumph of the moment,
U.S. & European sensibilities combined into a fantastique creation that
is Panda Transport. The songs are immediate, personal & poppy while
retaining the curious experimentation & playfulness so often edited out
in today's music.


“Wondrous music!!!!!! They were so good, so sweet, so darn good! I’m still smiling…really.” -NME

Plush Mechanique defines the Panda Transport sound - a melange of electronic and natural instrumentation utilizing vocal harmonies, theremin, flute, vocoder, wooden and wired guitars, handmade percussion, synths and a trolley full of toys and light! A bit more natural sunlight than well- placed studio lighting; it is human music for human people.

Panda Transport was conceived in September of 2007 by Kathy Compton and Thierry Holweck. After meeting and becoming friends via the Information Super Highway, pen pal style, they began work in earnest to record material for the debut album, Plush Mechanique.

Kathy wanted to be a pussycat, a witch, or an astronaut; Thierry, alone in a boat or a shepherd in the Alps. She became a chanteuse and writer of jazz and pop; he, a punk electro-experimental musician and virtual faders master. They are polar opposites drawn together by their shared desire to explore the unknown. Their meeting was a twist of fate; their musical creation is a twist of cultures, experiences, influences and personalities.

A by-product of the global village, Panda Transport creates music where jazz phrasing, coupled with engaging melodies is set within a soundscape of harmony and fleeting sounds; astral lounge. Their passion for Voyaging remains central to their bi-continental lifestyle, most compositions being created on the road in Europe or The States, in yurts and ancient silk factories, utilizing a dilapidated laptop with its organs busting out.


Up the Disco

Written By: Compton

Verse 1

Here! The atmosphere is a full scale replication
Of a standardized map of the imagination
if you set your eyes to the widest aperture
You get a better Dazzle factor, mais oui, for sure

Verse 2

Some seek forever looking for resurrection
I found mine in the hotel ! imagination
Every night ambrosia’s served under the stars
I like mine with a shot of chartreuse and a bit of vonderbar


I’d love to trust those who live next to me
But I’d be a fool with my eyes covered snug and wooly
I fear they’re swimming in a gene pool too shallow
Like action figures who like their culture up the disco

Spoken word

Chasing me are light-soaked dreams, blips of restoration

It’s a journey that requires constant careful modification

De-Marked by over-hyped and exposed scary skull and crossbones
But with fuchsia lenses, the world’s dynamite. It’s high tone


Written By: Compton

Patiently I wait for your transmission
Out of silence will not fall my submission
Everything is ready by the door
Everything will change when you say those simple words

I can feel it coming
I've seen the road ahead, it's simply stunning
And you know I'll never turn my back on you
Cuz that's what souls were born to do

Trespasses lie ahead
Paradise is reserved for the dead
Sensuality takes only partial possession of me
It's everything else that leads us to our destiny

It's everything else that leads us to our destiny


-EP - Monorail 2009 (alpinechic/europe kinderlust/usa JUST RELEASED!!!!!
LP- Plush Mechanique 2008 (alpinechic) "Transmission" featured on GREY'S ANATOMY
-Compilation Philippe Petit and Friends 2009 (Bip-Hop) with: Eugene S. Robinson, Lydia Lunch..
-Compilation "I-chic" 2008 (alpinechic)
-Compilation "le Peuple de L'Herbe" 2007 (cover of "Love will tear us apart" Top 5 Radio single France Inter)

Set List

Original songs
-Back to School Sensation
-La fin du Prince Charles
-Le Voile
-Dark Horse
-Drunk in the Space
-Saint Revel
-Devil in me
-Paint by Numbers
-Up the Disco
-Cicada's in Stereo

-Flaming lips (Yoshimi)
-Psychedelic Furs
-Joy Division(Love will tear us apart.
Set time 1h to 1h30