Panda Watch

Panda Watch


We're opening for The Disco Biscuits! Dance with us May 18 at Higher Ground!


Panda Watch formed in the spring of 2005. Over the past two years we have transformed from a notorious house party band into one of New England's most talked about live electronic acts. We have shared the stage with national acts such as The Disco Biscuits, Future Rock, The Pnuma Trio, The Jazz Mandolin Project, The Motet, and The Juan MacLean to name a few.

Influences include: The Disco Biscuits, MSTRKRFT, Giorgio Moroder, Daft Punk, Air, Pink Floyd, etc. etc.


Exposure on WRUV (college radio Burlington, VT) and we have "live show bootlegs" in circulation.

Set List

Our sets typically range from 45 minutes to 1 hr 15 min. If we are headlining a show, we tend to do 2 sets around the same lengths.

Cover songs include: The Final Countdown (Europe), Around The World (Daft Punk), Blue Monday (New Order), Atomic (Blondie), Overture To The Sun (Terry Tucker), Let's Dance (David Bowie), Run Like Hell (Pink Floyd), Young Lust (Pink Floyd), ETC. ETC.
We also tease and jam many popular electronica/dance/disco standars.

Original songs include: Baby Blue, Bahamas Tom, Bamboo, Brokebeat Forrest, Criminal of Thoughts, Elecktro Discko, Funglasses, Glow, No More Niteclubs, Panda Dub, Panda Bounce, Sleeping In Paris, Touchdown