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"Helrazer II"

Pandemik – Metal with a twist! – Liverpool – Stage time: 11.15pm – 11.45pm

First seen at the Death wave gig on the 8th September 2011. Pandemik (Yes Pandemik with a K) were already up on stage and blasting out their amazing tracks with extreme vigour, as I entered the Zanzi after taking a breather. It was only when the tracks stopped and Marc the band’s vocalist started to taunt the audience with his bantering’s that you realize that although serious musicians they do have their sense of humour up there on stage with them as well!
I did ask Marc to remove his newly acquired Sa Da Ko T-shirt, but he refused kindly by telling me to f**k off, as he didn’t want anyone seeing his cuddly frame! :P I was quite disappointed tbh... But not with the music! ;D
These guys just know how to capture the moment and contain it into such a great stage show.
The metal was indeed twisted in the most brutal way and had the crowd wind-milling and doing all sorts of strange and wonderful things.
It was at that point that John Deacon (my little Bro) from London got up and really freaked out on stage with the band, much to Marc’s amazement. (Well done John!)
Marc then announced they were going to play a Sepultra cover “Roots Bloody Roots” and that if anyone knew the words they could sing on stage with the band.
Ian McCormack from Entropy was right up there and a female member of the crowd bellowed Roots bloody roots, into the mic and then was helped on stage by Ian. Lil Bro John was up there again and joined by several others until the Zanzi stage was awash with head-banging bodies.
Great way end to their thirty minute set. Always worth catching Pandemik LIVE for that “twisted” experience!
Catch these guys out if they are anywhere near you! Guaranteed to please!

Marc - Vocals
Chris - Guitar
Lee - Bass
Mike – Drums

Porn for the Dead
My Vendetta
Satan Helps Me Kill
Roots Bloody Roots (Sepultura cover) - Pagan Tordengrav




Since the epic year of 2000, a group of men from Liverpool have endevoured to bring you our brand of Metal!! Starting under the guise of 'Anal Beard,' Pandemik was born.

Founding members Marc Mullin (vocals), Chris Holmberg (guitar) and Mike Hughes (drums) gave birth to a number of hard hitting tunes, but required another member to add the meaty bass lines. This fourth member came in the form of Lee Jones.

After the "Satan Helps Me Kill" EP and a number of highly anticipated and well executed gigs, a fifth member was introduced. Dave Booth added his guitar talents to produce a fuller Pandemik sound. The double single "Necrofeet" and "My Right Hand" was recorded.

Lee left for pastures new, where a more than adequate replacement in the form of Ian McCormack (Entropy,) was brought in on bass. Unfortunately short lived, he too went on to pasture new, but not without recording the single "Necrotikron" first, and Pandemik was reduced back to a four-some with Dave transferring to Bass.

Circumstances for Lee changed, and happily returned to the band to take up bass whilst Dave went back to guitar. This line-up wasn't to last for too long as a new employment venture for Dave saw him move to America.

In 2011, the "Porn for the Dead" ep was recorded by Mike Pilat (Collusion, Danmaku). He also guest vocalled on the cover of Sepultura' Roots Bloody Roots. Lee soon moved to guitar as the appointment of Alan North on bass was made.