female fronted rock band, riffy blend of hard rock and pop with strong, definitive vocals. 3 girls and 1 guy. Hot riffs, thoughtful lyrics.


Pandora is a female fronted, undoubtedly mystical, rock band. Their flawless fusion of hard-rock and pop features catchy riffs with strong, definitive vocals and thoughtful lyrics. Pandora was brought together by a passion for Led Zeppelin and the likes, and the desire to create what we now call "Pandora Magic".
Jeff Mott, of NY area famed tribute bands "Black Dog, and SabbraCadabbra holds the bottom end, while Kami Candella, formerly of "the Friggs" rocks the beat. She has toured on a national level and has been featured in movie soundtracks and national television and radio ad campaigns.
Lana Madigan is lead vocals, bringing it with a little Detroit soul. She has opened for and joined on stage several national/ semi-national acts including Melissa Ferrick.
Liz Mott , lead guitar, formerly of Sweet Vengeance, is responsible for many of the infectious Pandora riffs. Her style reminiscent of Jimmy Page and Angus Young


Get Wild

Written By: Lana Madigan

I’m gonna get you
Ain’t gonna waste no time
I’m gonna break youdown
And invade your mind
You’re gonna tease me
You’re gonna make me beg
You’re gonna please me right
Until I lose my head
We’re letting go this time
We’re getting down now
We’re gonna lose our minds
And get wild now
I’m gonna find you
I’m going deep inside
I’m gonna take your love
I’m gonna rob you blind
You’re gonna take me
Put me in my place
Ain’t gonna have no shame
Ain’t tryin to save no face
Chorus Repeat:

Step to me, let your hair down
Gonna take this town, gonna shake it on down
Listen to the sound, feel the beat pound, let’s move
Like it ain’t no thing, gonna light your flame, ain’t got no shame
And you can’t be shy, if you want this fling,
That’s right, gotta do your thing, gonna like what you see
From the front to the back, on top of the stack and you know this a fact I’m nasty
I don’t care who knows, when you taste these lips, and you touch these hips
Gonna make you flip, gonna get you wild
Repeat Chorus:

Run TO Me

Written By: Lana Madigan

Got what you wanted
Though you knew it was second best
you never questioned
You play along like all the rest
She knows you better
But does she know what you hold inside
Look in your heart now
Will you put love before your pride
Still it creeps into your head
All the things you wished you said
It won’t stop it will never leave
I’m what you want all you’ll ever need
Deny yourself and you’re gonna bleed
Cuz when it comes down you’re gonna run to me
I know you’re burnin
It’s like a tattoo on your chest
She’s holding tight now
That your love’s put to the test
We’re so close now
Take a chance and you won’t regret
We’ve been connected
Since the first time that we met

Don't Stop

Written By: Lana Madigan, Kami Candella

I know what you want
I feel your eyes on me
What you gonna do
To spend some time with me
Sweet talk me baby
Take hold my hand
Pull me up against you
Thrill me where I stand

Lights are going down
Dip me to the ground
Move it all around
Do it to me right now
Don’t stop baby

Dance all up against me
You don’t look away
Tell me with your eyes
Now you wanna play
Come along with me
I know a secret place
Now sit up on me
Look me face to face

Lights are going down
Dip me to the ground
Move it all around
Do it to me right now
Don’t stop baby


Book Of Shadows- first cd
1.Miss Medusa
2.Don't Stop
3. If You Don't Know
4. Monster
5. Into Your Light
6. Book Of Shadows
7. Prisoner
8. Mystified

1. Get Wild
2. Run To Me

Violet Femmes compilation CD
Miss Medusa (single)

Set List

1-2 sets, 10 songs each
Typical set below
Miss Medusa
Don't Stop
Run To Me
If You Don't Know
Book Of Shadows
Dancing Days
Get Wild
Covers: Zeppelin- Dancing Days, Heartbreaker, The Ocean. Heart- Even It up Aerosmith- Walking the Dog. James Gang- funk 49