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The best kept secret in music


"Pandora; A mystery worth solving"

by A. Sic

Straight from Crete, Illinois, Pandora has been together since the spring of 2005. A unique collaboration between four friends, this Metal/Progressive Rock/Alternative/Whatever other labels they have been pinned as, is the work of Jessica Lubera (Lead Vocals), Chad Eustis (Bass), Dave Viktora (Lead Guitar), and Steve French (Drums). All hail from Illinois except Jessica who has found her way from Germany.

The Influence of bands such as Tool, Evanescence, Korn, and System of a Down, is apparent in their work. This is a wonderful thing. These guys fu**ing rock! Combining some heavy staccato chord action with note by note leads, a bangin' drummer, a bass player who knows what's up, and a singer with pipes to the likes of Tori Amos or Dido, the outcome is surreal. Label these guys whatever you will as long as it begins with the word Kick and ends with Ass. It is truly a gift to be accepted in more than one genre of music and Pandora prides themselves in their work. They strive to reflect the devotion and spirit of their band.

Last night Pandora hit the stage at the Cubby Bear in Wrigleyville. This was no kiddy concert. Armed to the nines with pro lighting and a Friday night crowd, Pandora not only set the stage for the night but also took the best performance along with them. Their music makes you move. The hard-hitting, instrumentally genius changeups are mind-blowing. And when Jessica's voice kicks in, you melt. Rarely does a band have musical talent and a distinct performance style that is evident with every performance. Pandora does. They own the stage. Chad has no qualms about mounting monitor speakers and head banging like a champ. Each member of the band is clearly connected to each other. Everyone works together and more importantly; they all have fun doing it. This is a band that belongs on a stage and in front of an audience.

They have played a number of successful shows at large scale venues such as The Note, Elbo Room, Penny Road Pub, Mr. Kelley's Music Box, The Rave in Milwaukee and a number of other high scale venues. In March 2006 they were in their first battle of the bands and came in 2nd place. In August 2006 they won Delilah's Local Band Extravaganza. Taking great pride in their music as well as their professionalism, they encourage listeners to "Take a listen and judge for yourself, you'll feel and hear the sounds of dedication, expression and pure vitality." This rings true.

The band's name comes from the Greek mythical story of Pandora's box. There reasoning behind it is as follows, "We were all given the gift of music. The band is our way of releasing our pain and misery. Through our music we are able to bare a part of ourselves that most people never see. Our music helps us carry on, it brings us together. And it gives us…HOPE!"

Pandora is a true experience. From music to stage presence, this band is going places. - Buzz S &E


Still working on that hot first release.


Feeling a bit camera shy


Based out of Crete ~ Illinois, Pandora has created a unique niche for themselves. A rare breed inspired by some of our influences. THINK: Tool, System of a Down, and Evanescence. Although our music is considered “Alternative” or “Progressive” Rock, the “Indie” crowd loves us too! It is a great sense of accomplishment when you are accepted by more than one genre in the music industry! Our music surpasses this era of the one hit wonders and clearly reflects the devotion and spirit of Pandora.

Pandora formed in the spring of 2005 after three bands parted ways and four friends came together. Members include Jessica Lubera (Lead Vocals) from Germany, Chad Eustis (Bass), Dave Viktora (Lead Guitar), and Steve French (Drums) all from Crete, Illinois. The name Pandora comes from the Greek mythical story of Pandora’s Box.

By January of 2006, Pandora had written several songs and produced a copyrighted, seven-song demo featuring our first and signature song “Mystery Box”. We had played a successful string of shows that began with a Q101 and Coors show at The Cubby Bear ~ Wrigleyville. In March we took North-West Indiana by storm when we participated in “our” very first battle of the bands and came in 2nd place out of a total of 20 bands. August 24th Pandora won “D.J. Gina’s Local Band Extravaganza” at Delilah’s in Chicago. On October 20th we were a featured on Saint Xavier University’s very own WXAVs’ annual “Local Live Revolution”. December 15th we took first place in the first round of Emergenza at The Note in Chicago.

In 2007 Pandora was named one of the “10 best bands in the Midwest” by Tom Lounges of Midwest Beat Magazine and hand picked to play “Midwest Beat/X-Rock 103.9 2007 Region Rumble” January 13th, on the legendary Stage of the Star Plaza in Merrillville, IN. Other notable performances include The Mardi-Crawl Festival in St. Louis MO on Fat Tuesday, round two of Emergenza also at The Note. Fearless Radio’s “New Music Binge” featured artist on March 7th, and the 7th Annual Chicks Rockfest in Cincinnati OH on April 5th. On May 19th Pandora walked away with another first place victory in the Semi-Final round of Emergenza at the Double Door ~ Chicago. MOBfest 2007 at The Kinetic Playground on June 23rd.

We take great pride in our music and our ability to interact with other bands, our fans and clubs at a personal as well as professional level. Take a listen and judge for yourself. You will hear and feel the sounds of dedication, expression and pure vitality!