6 piece bluegrass alt. americana from the heart of california. Home to such greats as Merle Haggard, Buck Owens, Grandaddy and Three Dog Night. PanHandle displays a wealth of original talent and the good sense that Mama gave 'em.


Founded in late 2006 Panhandle uses an
eclectic mix of influences to bring Americana style music back to where it belongs.

With influences ranging from classic bluegrass, to progressive rock, to traditional middle eastern folk, you'll be impressed with the ability of these prominent Modesto area musicians to seamlessly
collaborate on some good ole fashion, down home music. With emotions on the line, and energy levels high, these boys beckon the crowd to
sing, dance and just have a good time.

The band can be seen consistently throughout the Central Valley,
Bay Area, and Northern California, with future plans to tour the Pacific Northwest, and the Southwest. Look for them at The One World One Love Festival in Tuolomne City the first and second of June.

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PanHandle -Self Titled
coming soon.
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