Brothers and Friends making music that is influenced by the sounds of their local culture. The people, streams, rivers and mountians remain a driving force in their song writting and always will.


In June of 2006, Nate and and long time Friend Riley Payne make a road trip down the Pacific Coast highway from San Francisco to LA. After spending a few nights in LA, they decided to venture off course and drive in the Desert in search for the spirit and final Resting Place of Gram Parsons. They drove through the heat for miles before reaching the Joshua Tree Inn. Excited to be there, they walked into the main office and got them selves a room. Room 8 was the only available room, ironicly, this is the last room Gram was alive in. That night, Nate and Riley stayed up with the Ghost of Gram playing songs by The Byrds, Gram Parsons, Flying Burrito Brothers, The Eagles, Social Distortion and the Clash. The magic must have been in the air, the music was tight and the vocal harmonies echoed through the walls of the Canyons. This was the start of the Band.

A few months Later, Nate moved back to the East coast and formed todays line-up of Panhandle. Nate's Brother Ben joined them on Bass and long time friends, Jeff Landry and Criag Rogers joined them on Drums and guitar.

Today, Panhandle is know for a great show. Full of Energy from the old School days of Punk and poetic songwritting from Bob Dylan. Panhandle has been playing Bars, Honky Tonks, Festivals and Radio Shows, exposing their brand of Americana to the Public.

"Upstate NY, Thats what influences PANHANDLE. Forests, Mountains, Rivers, Streams, Local Characters, Farms and Friends. A simple life creates a simple yet unique sound. This band is made from friends and brothers and nothing more. Influenced by the sounds of classic country, folk, blues, metal and rock, Panhandle is making their way into the music business one venue at a time. You can see them at bars, clubs, art galleries, book stores and large concert venues in the Northeast. Panhandle takes pride in the organic natural sounds they produce. The musicianship in the band is tasteful yet still raw. Their songs are based on the travels, hardships and good times of each band member. Recently we have finished our CD which you can find at our live shows. We look forward to seeing you all!!"


Panhandle is trying to change the way people think about the "album." We have released one studio EP which contains 5 of our most requested songs at a studio quality. Now days, Panhandle has been recordng EVERY live show and posting them on our myspace the next day. We have also been choosing the best tracks from multiple shows and putting them on CD's to give away at our live shows.

Set List

Panhandle is a mostly Orginal Band, although some new arrangements of Classic Tunes are thrown in from time to time. We can Play a 45 minute club gig or a 4 hour bar show with ease.