Panic Attack

Panic Attack


We're a pop punk band from Quebec City and our main goal is to create a Gilman Street revival up here. We like Pinhead Gunpowder, Off With Their Heads, Hüsker Dü, Leatherface, Descendents and i think it shows. Check us out if you like bay area pop punk circa 1992.


Panic Attack started somewhere in the spring of 2009. Jo (bass) and Frank (vocals + guitar) always wanted to start a band together, so they ask around and got kind of a line up willing to be part of this project. Flash forward to August 2009, our old drummer (Keven) dropped out and Brian stepped in. In October, we found our new lead guitar player, Math but did our first show that month opening for Carpenter (Smallman Records) without him. Since then, we released a DIY demo, played a couple of shows (one was with one of our main influence, Off With Their Heads) and kept writing new songs. We recently played with Prevenge and Dig It Up and would love to share the stage with them at this year Pop Montreal *wink*.


Panic Attack - Rick Moranis EP