Panic Room

Panic Room

 Parma, Emilia-Romagna, ITA

....power and melody....welcome into the Panic Room!!!


The first album of the band titled EQUILIBRIUM will be issued at the beginning of 2009.
The Album has been recorded at West Link Recording Studio (Raw Power, Prozac+, Shandon, Forty Winks ecc) of Pisa and mastered at the Marcussen Mastering Studio (Korn, Incubus, Rolling Stones, Foo Fighters, ecc) L.A. California.
2009 is the year of transition for the band, characterized by fundamental moments: even though the group loses its dj due to artistic diversions, it wins the critics award at the Lavagna Sound Beach, during which the band gives a good impression to Daniel Marcoccia the director of Rocksound and president of the jury, earning two excellent reviews in his magazine.
Many reviews of the record arrive from all over Europe, from webzine, specialized magazines and radio programmes, but the group lacks a live tour which would allow the promotion of "equilibrium" on a wider scale! Therefore the production of the first videoclip "Star" directed by Zedd Cavallo (collaborator with Articolo 31 and Gemelli Diversi), and the decision to rescind the contract with UK Division label and sign up with SFEM who will re-edit the album in September 2010 with a new pomotional campaign.


Into the Redrum (2006 - Self Production)

Equilibrium (2009 - UKDIVISION/Alkemist Fanatix Europe)

Equilibrium (2010 - SFEM/The Lads Records)

Set List

New state of Confusion
Peddlers of Resignation
Take Me Away
Dark Angel
Strange World (Cover)
Crazy Bullet
The Person I Knew
About My Life
Part of Your Life
There's no us
(more than an hour of show and a lot a lot of beer)