New York's hottest steel band! The perfect entertainment for colleges, weddings, corporate events, high schools, clubs, and private parties.


Panigma is a group of professional musicians and educators from Binghamton who formed with the sole goal to bring better Caribbean music to the world. While each member of the group comes from a highly diverse background, the music that is produced when these musicians perform together is second to none. The key to the success of Panigma is their ability to take traditional and popular songs, put a Caribbean twist on them, and mold them into music that is guaranteed to make people dance and have a great time.

Since 2000, Panigma has been performing for a variety of audiences and venues. Whether it be colleges, weddings, corporate events, high schools, clubs, or private parties, Panigma always delivers a high-energy performance which has put smiles to the faces of audiences of all ages. With over three hours of solid material, Panigma is the most versatile and sought-after steel band on the market.

Panigma also has extensive experience in conducting educational clinics about Caribbean and Latin music that are reinforced by their live performance. These clinics are perfect for college and high school multi-cultural programming.


Live at the Binghamton Arena (2006)

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Third Encore Entertainment

*Please note:
Steel drums are unusual instruments which require musical knowledge and professional know-how to play. The same goes for properly planning Steel Drums and Caribbean Music for your event. Making a decision only by comparing prices in short phone conversations often leads to an undesired outcome. Please contact us at any stage of your planning to discuss the possibilities for your event. We offer you the voice of seasoned professionals - on the phone and on-site!

Set List

Panigma knows hundreds of songs and can perform over 4 hours of entertainment. The band has the ability to make special arrangements of certain songs if requested.

Each set will consist of traditional and popular songs including:

-Cheeseburger in Paradise
-Feeling Hot Hot Hot
-I Wish
-No Woman No Cry
-I Shot the Sheriff
-Stir It Up
-Red, Red Wine
-Falling in Love With You
-Down on the Boardwalk
-D'yer Maker
-Oye Como Va
-Only the Good Die Young
-Billy Jean

-Yellow Bird
-Che Che Cole
-St. Thomas
-No More Trouble
-Freedom Road
-Jamaica Farwell
-Compadre Pedro Juan
-Bou's Mambo