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MC Panika, working with scratch artist DJ noir, is Melbourne's most lush electro-hipHop act. Pounding the stage with phat beats, quirky tunes and enviro-politico lyrics, these cats will have you dancing, laughing and swinging from the rafters.

"A special blend of hip hop beats, environmental and politically inspired lyrics and a hell of a lot of fun."

When she's not performing live, panika mac-top- DJs around country with the Uberlingua crew, this year featuring at the St Jeromes Laneway festivals in Melbourne and Sydney.

Her latest independant release, "genetically modified" is a melting pot of sizzling australian electro-hip hop lushness. Once again, never afraid to voice an opinion, panika slides through issues of life, love, living and all that comes in between through a blend of hip hop, drum n bass and electro squelch beats.

The album has been received excellently nationwide, with multiple tracks being placed on high rotation on different stations across Australia, and featured on JJJ's unearthed as a Feature Artist.

After three awesome sets at Woodford Folk Festival over New Year panika has established a name for herself as one of Australia's most exciting up and coming hip hop acts.



Written By: rosie burgess

i can't be trusted with matches and paper
i can't be trusted with sin and temptation
i'm a child i'm a liar my own pants are on fire
i wonder if they'll notice...

watch you glow
watch you sun
watch you rain
watch you run
watch you glow
through my special window

so lamp lighter lamp lighter light up the streets
the children are going to sleep
i'm finding my way through the wind and the rain haven't slept in a week
i wonder if they'll notice...


i wonder if they'll notice
i wonder if they'll care
i wonder if there's more than just air up there
it's getting hard to feel proud down here on the ground in the face of the sweating and roaring of the crowd...



LP - genetically modified
bezerk spotlighted on JJJ unearthed
bezerk placed on high rotation on FBi fm (NSW), Syn fm (VIC) and Fresh fm (SA)
genetically modified organisms charted at number 11 on threeD fm (SA)
all tracks receiving regular airplay around the country.
album mix streaming live from as a producer special

EP - 2 for breathing
released 2004
simple sumz placed on high rotation on triple J fm.
the city, placed on high rotation on FBi fm.
all tracks received regular airplay around Australia.

Set List

a mix of tracks from the album and ep, as well as live imprompture electro segues.