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"Top-5 Bands to Know"

Panik is named one of the top 5 bands to know in Sacramento, CA.

Fringe Magazine June 13,2008 - Fringe Magazine

"A Night at the Owl Club with two Nor Cal Divas"

Review By,
Ana Marie Sotuela

Band Names: Panik (formerly the Heebie Jeebies) - Judge Unger

Venue: Owl Club
Date: 09-26-2003

A Night at the Owl Club with two Nor Cal Divas

I actually had a night out to check out two bands at a new venue, the Owl Club. I will get this out of the way right now; it is a nice clean pub that has the atmosphere and décor of downtown but plopped smack in the middle of old town Roseville. I am used to seeing places like Shady Brady’s and the Onyx, fun places but a definite feel of a biker bar. That cannot be said of the Owl Club ~ the downstairs portion has a long bar, both inviting and enough imported/microbrew beer to bring out the true beer snob in even me. In an adjacent entrance, up a flight of stairs, is the stage area with a second bar complete with hardwood floors and local artwork on the walls (very reasonably priced I might add). My one complaint; the stage is on the second floor ~ the stairs are steep, I would highly recommend recruiting a few friends to help with the drum kit, amps and heads.

Tonight’s show was a little bittersweet. A few weeks ago, while participating in the AIDS walk, I received a call from fellow writer and guitarist for Panik Brandon Caylor. Kim Yocum, a very good friend of his and Dana’s, had been hospitalized with a brain aneurysm. During the week prior to the show, Kim’s condition had worsened and she slipped into a coma. Friday morning her family made a very difficult decision and removed her from life support. The world lost a young, vivacious woman ~ the scene lost a supporting fan ~ and a 14 year old girl lost her mother. I know that Kim was a good friend with not only Brandon and Dana of Panik, but also Larissa Bryski.

I wanted to set the mood, so that you, dear reader, can understand the performance given by Panik after hearing of Kim’s passing. I truly do not know how the band went on stage that night and performed. In one catch phrase, they rocked. Personally, I would’ve been at home under the covers crying my eyes out ~ and Panik took the stage and gave a 45 minute performance that would outrank most local acts. I am going to reveal a few of my biases here, basically there are three things that I like to see performance-wise when I go to see live music: (1) a good drummer, (2) dual guitars (I think it provides more of a richness live than a single guitarist on stage) and (3) chicks that can sing, I mean really sing with balls. Dana is a singer like that, she doesn’t fool around, there are no tricks ~ the chick can sing. Panik opened with a song I felt very appropriate for the occasion, “Torn and Tattered” and continued with unadulterated rock n’ roll through their newer material, ending with “My Favorite Nightmare”. The band is professional, tight and presents well. In Dana, Panik has a front person that owns the stage, but knows how to share it with her band equally ~ which is key. It is one thing to claim not to have an ego, it is quite another to display equal time on stage ~ it is the fine line between what makes a good professional band and hacks on stage in my opinion.

Judge Unger followed after Panik’s high energy set, fronted by another one of my favorite chick singers, Star Cannon. Judge Unger spent part of the summer in the studio and the other playing select venues in Solano County and the Bay Area. Personally, it was just time for me to see them again ~ 6 months is about the limit I can handle without hanging out with a band I like (they are good people, so yes I will be biased) with a sound that I prefer ~ good grooves with vocals that back it up. From first glance, you know that Judge Unger is a cast of characters with hidden talent. Odell will play throughout the band’s 45-minute set a 4, 5, 6, 8 and 12 string bass and is accompanied by Frank with his 6, 7, and 12 string guitars. It is almost as if you are being treated to a Cheap Trick/Dream Theater level of playing without the cost of the show, and I mean that in the highest of regards. If that wasn’t enough talent, there is Matt on drums. Remember what I said about good drummers? Matt comes from the old school of heavy end of getting the job done without much finesse, but high on sound and technique. I saved the best for last, Ms. Star. Judge Unger opened with “Take a Chance” leading flawlessly into “Falling Faster” both songs equally display the talent of each member of the band, including those ballsy vocals that only one Nor Cal Diva possesses. Unfortunately, I think the small room upstairs was just too small for her vocal style ~ it boomed.

Overall, the performances were far from average Friday night and the venue adequate. I know the crowd was lighter than the owners would have liked, but all shows are hit and miss ~ there never is a rhyme or reason to predict just when a crowd will show (that and LUXT was playing the Boardwalk, go figure!).

"Panik's Music Added to the News 10 Events Webpage (July 27, 2008)"

"Hey guys... just letting you know that News10 Events is featuring your music on our page this week. (Each week we feature music from our local band friends).

Keep up the good work... sounding good!"
- News 10 - KXTV


Panik's debut CD "Don't"

Track List
1. Bad Girl
2. Almost Dead
3. Waiting
4. Dolls
5. Then I found You
6. Sleep Tight
7. My Favorite Nightmare

Panik is currently working on their second CD with 13 new songs. Release details will be available soon.



Panik are like a chocolate-covered espresso bean: sweet on the outside, bitter on the inside, and they pack one heckuva punch! Panik was formed in 2001, introducing their female-fronted "psychopop" sound to Sacramento, CA.

What is psychopop?

It is music that is catchy and fun, and a bit dark and twisted. Oh yeah, they're loud, too! Dana's voice is sweet enough to seduce your soul, and strong enough to knock you on your butt. Brandon provides the psychosonic 6-string torture to get your head bobbin', while Eric and Ernie supply the back-beat rhythm to get the booty movin'. Together they have created a sound that is enjoyed by fans of pop music, alternative, rock and metal, punk and goth, and just about everything in between.

To further explain our appeal, Panik entered the song "Sleep Tight" in the 2008 Lollapalooza Last Band Standing contest. Although we did not win, once the online voting was completed, we placed 22nd out of over 900 band entries nation wide.

Panik also entered the 2009 Jansport Battle of the Bands for a chance to play at the Forecastle Festival in Louisville, Kentucky. Panik finish 20th out of nearly 2400 bands participating nation wide.

In August 2009, Panik licensed the songs "Dolls" and "Almost Dead" to Macabre Cafe.

In spring 2009, DJ Mark Gilmore from the Sacramento radio station 98ROCK started work on a four part webisode series to take Panik to the next level by performing an image make over on the band. The webisodes will be uploaded weekly for viewing on the 98Rock website. The series is anticipated to end with a live performance to debut the new band image.

2008~2009 Panik has performed with several national touring acts such as Dollyrots, Von Iva, The Fabulous Miss Wendy, and Girl in a Coma.