Panjabi by Nature

Panjabi by Nature

 Wolverhampton, England, GBR

Panjabi by Nature is one of the UK's successful Asian music artists and producers.


His formula of catchy hooks and heavy beats, blended with UK flavours has earned him the title of "the hit maker" topping charts across the nation.

His production skills and talent have gained him immense recognition and support from the industry

As well as creating countless hits Panjabi by Nature has also performed at sell out shows in India, Australia, Canada, America, Africa, Malaysia and Singapore.


Solo Albums
Homegrown - 2009
Ready or Not - 2005
Settin the Standard - 2004
Next Episode - 2003
Crowd Pleaser - 2010

Jaan Panjabi - 2007
Dhola Ve Dhola - 2007
Ounce of Desi - 2005
Blazin - 2004

Key Singles
Kaun Nee Jaandah
Album; Crowd Pleaser
Gereh Kad Dee
Album; Crowd Pleaser
Kaun Nachdi
Album; Crowd Pleaser
Paundah Bhangra - Malkit Singh
Album; Bilo Rani
Sohni Lagdi
Homegrown 2009

Key Singles
Fitteh Moo
Album; Me, Myself & Music 2011
Dance Floor
Album; Homegrown 2009
Album; Homegrown 2009
Jaan Panjabi
Album; Jaan Panjabi - 2007
Aaj Me Peeni
Album; Ready Or Not - 2005
Nain Preeto De
Album; Settin the Standard - 2004