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El Sobrante, California, United States

El Sobrante, California, United States
Band R&B Pop


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos




Gabriel joined our lineup of stars in performance at The Blues Jam May 10 2008.. Gabe says music has been in him since he was an infant. “I knew I wanted to be a musician since pre-school. The instrument I always idolized because of how flamboyant and versatile you could be with it was the guitar. Flamboyant is exactly the word that one would use to describe the playing of this tall and shy young man, until he gets a guitar in his hands and he seems to transform. - ROBERT JOHNSON BLUES FOUNDATION


Stay By My Side, Ima Walk, Your Flaws, Disorderly Conduct, D!pp!n,



Panopoly is more than just a group of regular recording artists. Panopoly has distinct qualities that separate them from the pool of unsigned artists. Panopoly specializes in the performance of their work. The concept of their show is beyond sounding great and entertaining the crowd. They thrive to bring a show as epic as a movie to the audience. The best part about this movie is that the audience gets to be a part of it.

Panopoly was formed in 2009 when Reginald Johnson (Vocalist, Keyboardist, Rapper and Producer) and Raina Henchi (Rapper and Producer), the founders of the group, inducted Gabriel Lambirth (Vocalist, Guitarist, Rapper and Producer) and Tyrique Johnson (Rapper and lyricist) into the group. They named their group ‘Panopoly’ after the way Gabriel misspelled the word ‘panoply’ and loved it ever since. They immediately decided to form a concept and a deeper meaning within their group. They all agreed that through performance is where the true essence of their music lies. They also agreed that great performances will always have true longevity in the music industry. This is why their performances bring the same amount of visual and audio rush as an action packed movie. Their introductions, transitions, visual art, and songs all seduce their audience into a rollercoaster ride of entertainment that can be produced by none other than the group Panopoly.

Though the members of Panopoly are still young, they have won a substantial amount of awards. Gabriel Lambirth has won the “2008 Robert Johnson-Gibson Guitar New Generation Award” as well as the “2006 Blues New Artist of the Year West Coast Blues Hall of Fame Award” under the alias ‘Lil Gabe’. The group as a whole has also won the “It Takes a Village Award” from Sherri-Miller of the CFL Society and Hasani Campbell Search Team. They have performed at large clubs such as “The Intramuros” in South San Francisco and awed crowds while doing so.

Panopoly is an amazing group of extremely dedicated artists who never stop giving. The reason I state this is because they are members of the “mycharity:water” organization. They plan to not only give everyone great music and a great show but also give back a portion of what they earn to those in need. Their sole belief that keeps them giving their all through their music and shows is that ‘all you have is what you give’. Panopoly plans to give the world their all, and by listening to their music and attending their spectacular shows audiences all over will receive their all.