Panoramic brings an original eclectic funk/dance/rock/jam sound with a distinct old-school feel. Their music has a consistant upbeat and fun nature to it. Check out Panoramic's brand new music video directed by Seth Blaustein in the discography section


Panoramic is a new trio out of Warrenton, VA, a town on the rural outskirts of the Washington DC metro area. Since the group became official during spring of 2007, they have hit the ground running. Zach Bedell (bass guitar and lead vocals) and Tim Tracy (Guitar) were fresh from of a previous band’s dissolution and were ready to explore new opportunities in writing and playing. When they teamed up with former Disengaged drummer Alec Rodriguez the group instantly clicked and within months they had released a full-length album entitled Let the Quiet Out, and shortly after released their first music video for the song "Sinister"-check the discography section. Panoramic strives to deliver energy and ingenuity with heavy groove oriented rhythms influenced by early Incubus and Red Hot Chili Peppers, Les Claypool, and Queens of the Stone Age. Panoramic is currently booking gigs across the east coast for their 2008 Let the Quiet Out summer tour.


Let the Quiet Out-full length album released in early October


Set List

Our set list can be modified to meet the needs of most venues. We can fill 30 minute to 3 hour sets, we have sections of songs that we purposly jam on the extend set times.
1.Post-Drunk Funk
2.Through your Hair
3.Aeroplane-Red Hot Chili Peppers cover
4.Lizard Skin
5.Now Coming True
6.Games We Play
7.The Return
9.Spill the Beans
10.City Streets
12.Drink my Problems
13.A Call to Harms
16.Head Dub
17.Back Funk
18.My eyes
19.Helter Skelter-Beatles cover
20.Green Grounds