Brownsville, Texas, USA

We are Panteon from Brownsville, We are known as The Texas Three Piece Assault. We are a Death/Black Metal band. We play from the heart and this band runs through our blood and soul. We will give you everything we have if given the opportunity to perform. Our passion is seen through our performance.


Bio: Panteon formed in the late 80’s by founding member’s Aaron Hernandez (drummer), Gonzalo Escobedo (guitarist), and Juan Sanchez (vocals). Panteon stands for cemetery or graveyard in one of the many dark-sides of the world, Mexico. Members reside at the edge of Texas. The city of Brownsville is the neighbor to the infamous brutal city Matamoros, Tamaulipas. In 1990 Panteon broke into the death/black metal scene releasing their first demo “Entierro” consisting of four songs. Joining Aaron and Gonzalo in 91, was Hannibal (bass) and former member Robert Mendoza (guitar/ vocals). They then released a second demo recording “Blood Dripping Corpse” consisting of 5 Crunching Dark Death metal songs. After his release from prison, guitarist Cid Cardenas joined Panteon to release yet a third demo “Skullville” in 97. Losing both guitarists, Hannibal made the transition from bass to guitar adding their latest find Damian on bass.October 31st 2001 was the release of Panteon’s long awaited 6 song Dark Powerful Black/Death CD “The Church of Satan”.15 Years later and brought together by the Gods to be more brutal and powerful than ever Panteon came out of the dark to have a chance to be recognized all over the world. A new bassists emerged to complete the final and known Texas Three Piece Assault!Arising from the city of Matamoros, Tamaulipas came Demon with his sadistic metal background. Remaining members were Hannibal (guitar /vocals), Demon (bass), and Aaron(drums). Now in 2010 Panteon released their upcoming CD "Demonic" to finally give the world a piece of who they truly have become. Panteon has toured Mexico and Texas with great Texas bands Absu and Crucifixion. Panteon has also united with Immolation, Deicide, Brujeria, Sadistic Intent, Vital Remains, Gorephobia, Prophecy (TX), Imprecation (TX), Genocide (Mx), Krematoruim (MX), Aphses (Mx), Hexx, Incantation, Infestation (Mx), Gardy-Loo, Desecration, Embalmed, and many other local bands from the valley. Panteon is an aggressive band who brings a full metal attack with songs that you will never forget once witnessed. Their performances are legendary throughout Texas and all over Mexico!


"Entierro"- 1990 Demo
"Blood Dripping Corpse"-1993 Demo
"Skullville"- 1997 Demo
"The Church of Satan"- 2001 CD
"Demonic"-2010 CD

Set List

1. Demon Killer
2. Betrayer
3. Day of Destruction
4. On the Brink of War
5. Shields Down
6. Under the Cover of Darkness
7. Below the Earth
8. To Hell with Satan