We are the only Pantera Tribute that is dedicated to you!...the never say die, balls deep fan of the heaviest band ever constructed on the face of this earth! You want the best?..... You got the best! When you see us, you see the next best thing to Pantera!


PanterA'd is the only PanterA tribute band in the world that delivers the whole package! They've gone to great lengths to recreate the stage, sound, looks, and attitude of the one and only Cowboys Form Hell!!!


Set List

PanterA'd delivers a high energy 90 minute set which includes a number of PanterA hits, thier current set list is...

1) New Level
2) Walk
3) Becoming
4) 5 Minutes Alone
5) Sandblasted Skin
6) Suicide Note, Pt. 2
7) War Nerve
8) Strength Beyond Strength
9) Domination/Hollow
10) This Love
11) I'm Broken
12) Cowboys From Hell
13) Cemetary Gates
14) Fucking Hostile