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Pantera Saint-Montaigne

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Soulful music with a shot of jazz and a pop chaser.


The first time you meet Pantera Saint-Montaigne you’ll get the feeling that you’ve met the songstress before. Down to earth and quick to laughter she makes you feel like one of the family. Upon hearing her music, you’ll find the genre-crossing artist offers fresh material and solid hooks. She draws you in with her voice and bares her soul with every song she sings.

Saint-Montaigne released her latest CD “Yummy”, in 2005. It’s the manifestation of her belief that musical diversity is a great thing for an artist to possess. “There are many rooms in my musical house. I grew up listening to opera on Saturday mornings, hearing Motown on Saturday evenings and singing gospel hymns on Sundays.” That upbringing planted the seeds that would grow into her musical being….diverse, passionate and strong-willed.

Born, bred and flourishing in NYC, Saint-Montaigne started Orisha Records to self-release her single, 4 Little Girls, which is featured in Spike Lee’s Oscar-nominated documentary (4 Little Girls) and continues to show on HBO around the world. Pantera has also earned some international love as the co-writer/vocalist on “Talkin’ About” by Germany’s Nalin and Kane, as well as writing and performing numerous songs on HBO’s “Real Sex” series. A member of Indiegrrl, Go Girls Music and BMI, Pantera's music has also earned her the Songwriter’s Hall of Fame-Abe Olman Award for songwriting excellence.

She is currently gigging locally and working on her next CD, which is slated for release in early 2008.



Written By: Pantera Saint-Montaigne

She was born the daughter of a slave
In a reconstructed time with a reconstructed name
Embracing freedom she moved her family North
For the chances that it brought she never looked behind

and her blood runs thru my blood

She was born the daughter of a maid
It was hard to build a life factory work was meager pay
She was abandoned raised 3 kids all alone
Her sisters helped her and together they survived

and her blood runs thru my blood

I was born a factory worker’s child
In the time of Civil Rights I was raised to speak my mind
I am the glory of those that came before
Thanks to them I stand before you due to all they sacrificed

and their blood runs thru my blood


Written By: Pantera Saint-Montaigne

Sugarman sugarman
I heard that you’re back in town
But don’t you come around
Don’t even think about me

Sugarman, Sugarman
Baby I know your lies
Your sweetened alibis
Ain’t gonna work on me

Cause I cried a river getting over you I swore I’d never be a second-time fool

Sugarman , Sugarman
You’re making me doubt my mind
Each and every time you turn that smile on me

Go on baby, mm,

Oh I got that feeling coming over me
I miss your lips, I miss your kiss, I miss you kissin on me

Sugarman, Sugarman
No matter how hard I try
Venus-fly penis I’ll die with a smile on my face
Baby I’ll die with a smile on my face


Written By: Pantera Saint-Montaigne

There is a magic that surrounds my life
I am protected by this moment in time
So I believe I will stay

Because the winds of change are calling my name
These changes bring joy and not pain
To be with thee I will stay

And if the clouds of doubt ever cross my mind
My faith will guide me back to belief
Because God would never ask me to live without what I need

I need the sunlight that reflects in your eyes
I’ll seek the moonlight that awakens desire
To be with me I will stay

Cause if clouds of doubt ever cross my mind
My faith will guide me back to belief
That God would never ask , God would never take
God would not withhold what I need

There is a magic that surrounds my life
I am protected by this moment in time
Won’t you believe – I will stay.


Pantera Saint-Montaigne - "Yummy" CD (Orisha Records)

Nalin & Kane - 'Talkin' About" (Motor Music GmbH) co-writer and vocalist on song.

Pantera Saint-Montaigne - "4 Little Girls" (Orisha Records) is featured in the Spike Lee/HBO movie 4 Little Girls.

Set List

Typical sets run around 40 minutes and between 8-10 songs each.