Panther Attack

Panther Attack


"For an unsigned act, Panther Attack are punching well above their weight and succeeding. With superb production for an independent release, the stop/start dynamics are at times jaw-dropping. Near impeccable musicianship, someone sign this band and fast." [Michael Henaghan - Angry Ape webzine]


Panther Attack performances are known for filling the room with excitement. Perhaps in anticipation of seeing two full drum kits facing each other on stage, the typical pre-show crowd chatter is often inspired by the potential complexity of the live duo. By the end of the night, most people will come again just to watch the band feed off each other's energy.

As an instrumental band that has been performing publicly since 2002, Panther Attack have remained an underground success. Plenty of like-minded bands have come and gone, also mastering their instruments, dynamics, and stage presence. It has been said that the difference with Panther Attack is that they bring soul back to an otherwise predictable routine of post/indie/punk/instrumental rock.

Their debut full-length, "Martyr Bonus", was self-released in 2007 and has received positive reviews both in the US and abroad. A follow-up 4-song EP, Sharp Moments, was released in May 2008 (see Beige Blades & Espionage a Trois)

In Detroit (2002-2004), we've played to some larger crowds (150+ at our final Detroit show, Lager House in 2004) -

Notable bands opened for:
Don Caballero, 31 Knots, From Monuments to Masses, PW Long..

Notable venues played:
Lager House (,
Magic Stick (,
Smalls (
Blind Pig (
Various dive bars, basements, & art spaces in Detroit, Ann Arbor & Chicago.

In Seattle, our typical draw is 25-50 people

Notable venues played:
Crocodile Cafe
Chop Suey
Sunset Tavern
Comet Tavern
High Dive
Jules Maes Saloon

Toured the West coast in March 2007. Played 14 shows in 15 days, from Seattle to San Diego and back, most notably:

Towne Lounge (PDX)
Hotel Utah Saloon (SF)
Scolari's Office (SD)
The Scene (LA)


2007- Martyr Bonus (self-release)
2008 - Sharp Moments (EP)

Radio airplay:
WDET 101.9 FM (Liz Copeland);
CJAM 91.5 FM (Jon Moshier);
KUOM/KDXL 106.5/100.7 FM (NowLikePhotographs)
KGRG 89.9 FM (Pope & Grendel's DIY show)

Streaming airplay:
Hollow Earth Radio (Post-Rock, Paper, Scissors)

Set List

No set list is ever the same. Typical sets consist of 6-10 songs (35-50 minutes), and in any combination of the following:

1 Frolic, just don't lick (2:57)
2 Stands about with dumb look on face (6:11)
3 You look good wearing my future (5:18)
4 Christ the destroyer (5:59)
5 The party never started (4:43)
6 In the history of snowmobiles (6:34)
7 Putting the fun back in funeral (7:48)
8 Unicron cron (5:22)
9 Thessalonians (5:36)
10 Sorry about the blood (7:28)
11 Espionage a Trois (6:20)
12 Prometheus (8:00)
13 Water and Metal (3:58)
14 Magellan found love... (5:30)
15 Retroactive spygoggles (5:42)
16 Spacecamp (5:28)
17 Beige Blades (4:33)